Friday 15 April 2016

I still work

Except mums not able to at the moment but we went to a fundraiser walk buts Mums didn't walk, this is me asking why. Skinsis tooks it when I was watching Mums. I did a lot of watching Mums when she got home from human vets stay.


  1. Looking extremely gorgeous!! Moms are weird, though...


  2. Hey there Teesha - happee tue meet ya. My name iz Lady Shasta. My bruther, Angel Lord Shiloh iz now an angel at the Rainbow Bridge that'z y our blog iz called Team Beaglebratz butt now it'z just me. Hope your mom gitz tue feelin'better - my aunt sis had knee replacement surgery a while ago. Keep on bloggin'an let us know what u haf bin up tue. My mom haz good bloggin'dayz an'not so goo bloggin'dayz.
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  3. What a beautiful shot of you, Teesha. We hope your mom is up and feeling better in no time at all!


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