Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunny Spots

Me's and Ailsa's favs spots for sunnings ourselves

Hello THis is my Fist Blog

Hi ya all you 2 legged and 4 legged friends!

It's one of those layabout days where I don't feel like dooin noufik and the puter was on. cided to play!!!! hops youse likes me blog.

Ailsa recons it's silly idea, so she justs watchin. Mums ands Dads (the ones who must obey) are having times off. Dads is getin vegistables for ours dins and Mums is giving Ailsa cuddles on the couch. My Couch, but I lets them share sometimes!

Skin kid sister is helping me coz we cants spell good and sometimes my paws get stuck in the keys and that mouse goes runs off where it ain'ts supposed to be!

I thoughts this a goods way to find my olds friends from Ridgekack Friends. I's still on it, but now have to fights Dads for puter. (Theys got big dish on roofs now!) Wish my dinner dish was that big! Ailsa was sillys.... She barks at the dish on the roof. We's have to train her, It's not flyyyying sorcer withs foods in it! We likes foods!

When I's got times and Skin Sister got trained, we's finds pictures for ours blog.

Loves you alls