Thursday, 31 December 2009

True Colour Thursday

Blues colours once more, the week goes to quick. Had Pine green been tomorrow you could of had the naked tree as we always but it back out on New years day.

This is the Xmas wreath skin sis made
Dads green frogs, dont know why he has pwetend ones as he had real ones to.

Mums saw this whens looking out the craft room window. I keeps tellin gher theres one around there, dinner on the hop.
Ailsa serounded by green stuff
This is a prezzie we gots of Merlin downs the road. we gave him som eof our crunchies and a soft toy.
Eatings it all up
Greedy Brodies thats one was mine.
Yummies alls gone
hmmm maybe !!!.

Its fun to look for colours, if you want to join in go along to Blues place and let her know you want to play, next weeks its SNOWY WHITE, oh good a naked plate, hope mums puts something on it for us to clean up first.

Zorro update

This was taken last nigh. He didn't want to much of his bottle today, but he did nibble on a little apple and ate a clover leaf

He's a little bigger
In his box

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday

The orphans

You know hows we hunt wabbits, ans we catch them ands we eat thems well theres some that are our friends who we never chase or anything. Abby was our wabbit, she had been sick for a few weeks Mums was trying to make her better but then she had babies, abby that is, Mums didnt think they would live as she couldnt eat as she hads a lump in her throt so was getting thinner and thinner so Mums had to force feed her, then 4 days before Christmas on the day the babbies opened there eyes Abby died.
They were so very small, half the size they should of been. Mums only had lamb milks and a bike valve to feed them two died the first night then the biggest and strongest was misplaced. Mums thinks Burtie gots it buts it could climbs out of the basket but she really doesnt know what happened. One died Boxing Day morning, leaving us with Zorro because if he lives he'll be a legand.

Monday, 28 December 2009

My Birfday

I's a bit busy getting the last treats out of bag so cant talk wiv mouth full. But todays I'm a big boy cause I'm 8 yrs young.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

True Colour Thursday

Hi' Alls
It must be christmas, the big trees thats in a pot has comes inside. Ailsas and Me's gotta goes round it to gets to our beds. See.... Today the colour for Blue is COLOURFUL

Mums and Skins Sis has been making stuff to eats. It's alls about foods at our house for christmas, But Mums says we can't haves the chocolates ones, cos they's bad.

Mes and Ailsas would like to thanks you all for our fantastic card collection. Wes got more cards thans Mums and Dads. Dads said it was like he was the woofa collecting cards for his boss!
Thers, wiv ours.

Skin sis making rocky road, the smell is bliss

Lots of plate and our Mums says not to play wiv the food, not as if we woulds but someone should tells skin sis she should shair

Mums didnt eat thems all after all. just the yellow ones she did manage to leave the red ones for Christmas.

Mums Christmas snowman collection cause she cant have real snow

Mums made us some treats with the left over pastry.

Alls was sleeping not a sound in the house.

Buts can you see whats santa lefts us

Have a goods Christmas, next weeks colour the last for the year is 31/12/09 PINE GREEN.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Getting first card

Well I's back, its nots that I been anyweres buts Mums been slack so hasnt puts our photos aup. somit about being to busy. Anyways as you guressed I gots mail, its was Ailsa an mes very fist own mail ever. I was so exited cause I often gets Mums and dads mail buts mums said I could opens it all by myself. so I dids, skin sis did make sure I didnt rips it but i didnt.

I wanted tos gets home real quick but firsts I hads to got to my fav bush by the wall

I was so exited I forgots to stop go have a pit stop.

See I didnts drop its

Once on my couch I carefully nosed it open

I hads to be carefull I didnt slobber alls over it or gets toof holes in it.

An its was from my friends Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy. Skin Sis held its open for me so I coulds read it.
We since gots more an mums going to hangs them up for us and take photo for you to see, she was goin to print out all the email ones but says she may nots have enough inks for them all. they have been so much funs.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Garden walk or Bunny hunt

Mums is not helping, our drasticly serouse talk is nots working, so we hasnt been getting new pictures, Anyways at the moment we lots oddles of wabbits running round the place, we ares allowed to chasey wild ones just not Mums and Dads white ones. We nots as good at catchin thems as Burty but he doesnt eats them so he gives them to us. we serched alls over the garden but didn't catch anys but we dids lots of sniffin.

This is starts of our walk. its jus bout end of Spring and the snowball tree is snowing.

This is the start of our sniffin hunt

defnatly been one here cause thers bunny fudge around.

Cheking out the grotto.

Burtie joined the hunt

I wents up and down this path for ages buts only found some possum poo.

Recalt came along to

Checking out "Tara's Garden"

Me telling mums she better not be to busy to put our photos up for yous.

Burtie getting rhodo stickies on his paws so hes shaking it as he walks, it looks funny.

Ailsa said one hads been in here buts I thinks she fibbin.

She ashored me she wasn't that her nose never lies.

So I hads a really good looks but Nuthin.

Getting despret had to call renforcments so recalts boyfriend came along. North, South , East and West wabbit knows which way is best, an its not in our mouths.

Back to the house

Nows wes tired so need sleepys.