Thursday, 30 December 2010

MY Basket

Hi Friends, me Ailsa here.

Sorry we haven't been around but we need help to type and Mums heart hasn't been in it, lots of reasons, and it doesn't help that we don't get up to much except lay around and keep the humans company. I'm getting a bit wobbly on my legs so can't run and play like I once did and Brody is just lazy, every so often he decides he wants to chase me buts I just cant run as long, minds you I did find a wallabi in the chook yard the other week and forgot all my akes and pains as I hopped and bounced right after it, was a bit stiff, no a lot stiff next day but it was all worth it as Mums said my eyes sparkled for ages after. I'm still as defiant and cheeky as I've always been but Brody has my place on the bed now as I can't get up on it but Mums still cant leave things on the bench or table as one way or another I can inhale as I pass by and walla its in my mouth and down my tummy before a blink of an eye.

Anyways months ago my basket went -----flat. this is the basket you seen in the laundry and its my domain, sometimes I let my bro use it but I get priority. It used to be Wilmots an he gave it to me, he got it off his friend Glory who lived up the road as she didn't like it so its about 14 to 15 yrs old. Mums tried to get another one but none of them were very strong. my basket been mended so many times buts it was … flat and not much left of it except it being mine.
Anyways Mums was cleaning out her craft room and pulled out the box she kept her fabrics in and well I couldn't resist I tried it for size, well the few $100 worth of fabric did make a nice soft bed but I got turfed out when Mums found me all curled up, but then she said if I liked it I could try it buts without her fabric so she padded the edges and put my old cushion in and now I have a new day bed.

Bro has tried it and sometimes gets in buts he's actually a bit big for it. I fit in just snug. Mums says I might not be able to get in it when I get stiffer but for now its mine, its got little wheels on it and sometimes daddy pretends I'm in a car and pushes me in it, sometimes he's sillier then me.

Zoro is still with us, well not with us but alive. no Brody didn't eat him. One by one all our pet bunnies got mixo as well as her newest baby that she kept to keep Zoro company, all the wild ones dissapired too, for weeks she was terrified Zoro would catch it but the weeks went by. Skinsis bought her own house so once out of the flat were she couldn't have pets and as soon as the quarantine time was over Zoro was taken to live with her. Anyways thats about it for now. mums says we don't do much but we did lots of odds and ends but now its all old news so she could of helped us to tell you while it was new.

Taken on Boxing day while on holliday with us. Zorro (about 3kg now) he now gets called Munchkin.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Hi's alls

It's my barkday today! I's nines. Ailsa was 12 in May ans says I nots old nough to be cheeky

It's beens christmas and we's had alls the familys here. My skin Bros and his wifes, Skin Sis and Zorro's been staying for a fews days.

It's been such as long times since we's last blogged. Mum's bunnies alls got sicked and dieds. Mums was very sads and she says we's no longer gonna have bunnies any mores. Then Mum's computer dieds and dads had to gets her a news ones so we couldn'ts blog...................
BUT I'm Backs! maybe once a weeks be wes here and not forgottens you all!

Will post some pictures soons.........

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bits of everything

Me sleeping.

Wells we havnt been on here for ages. trouble is we don't really gets up to much, so we donts have anything to talks about. ands when we do have exitment mums never has the camera. thinks I tolds you all before we have oddles of wabbits running round the place, we tried catching thems but didnt do much goods so now dads does it for us wiv his gun ands I go catch/gets them for him. Buts Mums wents to download the photos ands she lost them.

Thens theres the wallabies. they stomping round ours garden and smashing stuff and eating everythin. So we now eatings the problem one. Mums and dads had to cooks it though as Ailsa wont eat raw wallabie, me I'm happy either way. Mums wont cook it in the house so they used the BBQ so being as they had to lit it up they decided they may as well cooks some sausages too for lunch so we helped them eat those to.

This is Ailsa in a sun beam.

and laying in a vantage spot to see whats cooking, Can you see her?

She's bin having senior moments and bin perfecting her selective hearing, she is getting a little deaf, but she getting silly to, she gots mums up other day barking ats the back door and sitting on the step was this. I gave a bark ands went to look but she kept on barking ans wouldnt look close at it. mums even tried taking her for a walk so she came around the back of it buts she still kept barking at its, in the end funny thing had bickies in his lap so she couldnt resist and went up to it, then she did silly side way walks cause she knew she had bin stupid. it sat on the step for a couple of days till it was decided were to puts it. it was a birthday pressies to mums from Dad.

Mums didnt gets to do Blues True Colour Thursday as she ran outs of day, or is that days, this weeks colour was Puce. Buts she had the plate done so it seems a pitty to waste the effet so here it is.

Zorro is doing well, this is him last week with skin sis and me.

Skin sister painted his door,

and these were taken last night. he now wighs 510 grams

Anyway thats about all we been doing, sleeping ands eating and theres only so much eating and sleeping you want to hear about or youd get boared., bye for now.


Thursday, 7 January 2010

True Colour Thursday

This week for Blues meme the colour is Snow White, since its Summer we don't have snow, not that we ever get more then a flurry here but they can drive up the road a few km to play in it, there hasn't been much the last few years though.

Ailsa dreaming, with her white face on a white computer.

Zorro, snow white fur is still a bit thin and he's still only 1/4 size he should be buts is getting bigger. We took this photo tonight as mums wanted a photo of him drinking his bottle as it was white too but he let go just as she tooks the picture. Mums did think of putting him on the plate but thought it might give us ideas.

OK. there not white, but the plate is. the white ones had all gone and Mums not good at remembering to take photos. now if she had planned right she could of got a whole lot of plate shots taken over Christmas to just about cover the next few colours. If you want to play along go to Blues place and let her know.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday

What it was

This is whats I was munching on last week and you wondered whats it was., We both gots one cept skin sis cuts them in half so it lasted 2 days cause they are verys big, though I could finish one off in one sitting quite easily.
Go gets your own Ailsa. Mums trying to gets in the picture to.

Yumms yum