Burtie's Lookalikes

This is a page for me, the unassuming boss of the mob,  you'll see me in most of the outside pictures, taking them for exercise, in the background keeping a close watch on them making sure there safe.  I take charge of all the sunniest spots, every so often catch them a rabbit just to remind them who's the fearsest hunter and am always on time for teatime breaks, it was while helping Mum blog knowing she always had Brodie beside her holding her paw that I noticed so many others just like me.  So I've started watching out for you, we don't know how to make a linky button but you can put my searching pic thats on the home page on your blog if you like.  If you see any cats that look like me would you let me know please.  I want to see how many of us there are.

Well I just found one called Teddy Westlife who lives with  Huffle Mawson. 
Teddy in garden

Teddy living dangerously

Cat in a jumper
Found in a send to  x number of people email so don't know who s/he is, its just called Cat in a jumper,  since I'm not having any luck getting lookalike photo's as nobody sends me permission this will have to do, but its cute.

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