Thursday, 10 November 2011

Erics Farewell

 Today Ailsa, Merlin and I were left in our various pens as Auntie Joan, Mum, Dad, Skin sister and a couple of Uncle Eric's friends saw him off on his last journey.  Dads was a bit worried as he sometimes gets a bit sea sick and the weather had promised 3 metre swells and high winds but Uncle Eric must of been keeping watch as it was a lovely morning and not too choppy for them while they were out on the water.   He spent many many years helping dogs and there humans.  He was in his young days in the Merchant navy,  In his retirement he volunteered at the  Devonport Maritime Museum so as a tribute they hoisted the flags to see him off, a great honour as the flags are about a hundred years old.  They could be seen fluttering in the wind as the "George" went out to sea to set him off on his last voyage.

Merlin and Teesha

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Training Teesha

Busy, Busy, Busy
Hi everyone. Ailsa here. Wells the kid is keeping me entertained, Mums is doing lots of training with her as she can be a bit thick, thats Teesha nots Mums.  Teesha just loves everybody and thing but is getting very defiant ands I didn't teach her thats as I'm a good girl, wells yes I do tell fibbers.
Teesha being a pretzil
Goood Sit
Side View
Shake paw
Goood "come" and "sit"
Mums is finding dog training a bit tediousdull as Teesha loses interest quickly, with all the rest of us she would intersperse it with play and give the cues during play but as Teesh doesn't play that doesn't work. Mums says she needs play as Teesha may lose interest quickly but she herself gets bored too so Teesha may be picking up on that. Mums would like to get Teesha evaluated for therapy work in the New year so may make a list of things Teesha has to pass, put it here on the blog and cross them off as its done.  That may help her keep on track. 
 Mums was doing "Step" its elevating the two front paws on something to make grooming easer for humans.

"MUMS" Honestly this is what a chair is for.

Mums puts jumps in the garden so I hads to show the kid whats to do with them, she has only just learned how to jump in the back of the car so now Mums doesnt need to take the ramp,  she still just walks over the jumps.  Mums has to keep themes low as I likes to use them so mights hurt myself. 
Hey!! Whats this ?
Having to show her, I thinks she got its.

 I do haves weaving poles from whens I was young, I recon she would like them buts dad used them in the veg garden and my tunnel gots compost in its, Mums going to see if she can reclaim a couple,
Rest time
  Mum has noticed that the kid has a preference for Loliepop colours, bright pinks, lime, purples, yellow that type of thing, the colours Mums hates.  She still doesn't play with toys or pick up things but likes to cuddle up in soft rugs and is picking bright colours, mums was having trouble getting her to go out to mat so gots a bright baby playmate from the opp shop, she loves it. Teesha that is and a barbie pink soft toy that she is showing a bit of interest in, she is also doing find the treat from under a bright pink cone.
Burtie is looking a bit sorry for himself as he gots bashed up by something. He goes across the lane to next doors barn so he  may of  gots in a fight, we don't have a feril cat problem around here so hope one isn't starting as he has a bad scratch in his ear and some punture wounds, it could also of been a quoll (or native cat) in which case he is lucky.  Jessie a previous cat, Burtie and Brodie pretty much chased stray wild ones off over the years so Burtie cant do it on his own at his age and I'm to old to help and Teesha, well lets face it, she would probably escort them to the dinner plate. SHE hasn't barked or even whimpered yet even when she got her paw trod ons. 
Bye for now, will update another day.