Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Garden walk or Bunny hunt

Mums is not helping, our drasticly serouse talk is nots working, so we hasnt been getting new pictures, Anyways at the moment we lots oddles of wabbits running round the place, we ares allowed to chasey wild ones just not Mums and Dads white ones. We nots as good at catchin thems as Burty but he doesnt eats them so he gives them to us. we serched alls over the garden but didn't catch anys but we dids lots of sniffin.

This is starts of our walk. its jus bout end of Spring and the snowball tree is snowing.

This is the start of our sniffin hunt

defnatly been one here cause thers bunny fudge around.

Cheking out the grotto.

Burtie joined the hunt

I wents up and down this path for ages buts only found some possum poo.

Recalt came along to

Checking out "Tara's Garden"

Me telling mums she better not be to busy to put our photos up for yous.

Burtie getting rhodo stickies on his paws so hes shaking it as he walks, it looks funny.

Ailsa said one hads been in here buts I thinks she fibbin.

She ashored me she wasn't that her nose never lies.

So I hads a really good looks but Nuthin.

Getting despret had to call renforcments so recalts boyfriend came along. North, South , East and West wabbit knows which way is best, an its not in our mouths.

Back to the house

Nows wes tired so need sleepys.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

True Colour Thursday

Today the colour for Blue is CANARY YELLOW. Mums said canary is a bird buts we donts have any of thems, you can scroll down to the black coccotooos as they haves yellow on there cheeks and tails. Anyway heres us laying under the yellow chain tree, its somit called a laburnium.

A close up of the tree were under just to prove its yellow.

And a closser up of it, Bumble does have a yellow strip but he turned round and flew off.

Mums cant remeber whats this is called, its was in the garden when they first came here over 20 yrs ago, it brings in the Spring so it just about finished flowering.

A yellow iris but they fell down in the wind, Mums had hoped a newer flower would of opened for you but it didnt open in time.

Every Christmas skin sis and mum make rocky road so mums starts to buy bits of stuff for it, she buys jubes and jellies and just uses the red ones for it an the rest go into Dads lollie jar. this week she gots some snakes becuse apart from some yellow ones and a couple of green ones they were all red except she has now opened the packet for the PLATE, she was last seen taping up the bag incase she starts eating the red ones since most of the yellow ones are in her tummy.

After eating the snakes she thought of a healther alternative for the plate.

But since its nighttime and she will be going to bed soon and cheese will keep her awake all night we helped out.

Next weeks colour is VIOLET! , if you would like to join in the fun and chalange of finding each weeks colour go to Blues blog and let her know.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

They went out.

Its seems thats not only haves I had to have serous discushoin withs mums buts Skin sis has also hads talks with her, skins sis has bin tripsing around the mainland for a few weeks and it seems when she needed puppy fix she woulds visit my blog ands you know what!! I hadnt updated it much cause Mums was to busy alls the time. . Satsdays the sheeps got sheared thens on Sundays real early mums and dads went outs, nows when theys went they said we couldnts go cause dogs were nots allowed so we wasnt to pleased whens they gots home and we coulds smell one on thems, this is it !!!!, donts know its name but it seems its at the Deloraine craft fair they go to every year, it sits outside the tent were its dad has a wood turning stall.

Anyways after we tolds them off big time by pushing and shuffing our snouts all over thems to say there was no points telling fibs as wherever they had bin there was dogs !! thens we founds this bag,

now Ailsa is the bag girl so she tooks over the search and we /she founds crunchys,

she pulleds the bag out and opened its up so we gots some before Mums rescued them an she was being naughty gobbling thems and not shairings an they have to last us a while as they sometimes cants get them ands we love them heaps.

this is rescude ones on top of fridge, top bucket is whats we had left from when they wents to agfest an the bottom one and bag is our new ones, they will have to last till skin sis goes to Hobart.

Whens mum took the crunchys away Ailsa checked the bag again ands there was more. BIG BOYs nows we only usely gets them as specils like bifdays buts they were a you bin good suprise for us. AILSA !!! ONE OF THEMS IS MINE. For Christmas we wants a Whopper

Thoughts she was going to take the lots

Ailsa mumnching hers and me taking mine to puter room.

getting the wrapper off

YUmm yums