Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Hi All, It's Zorro here.  I got a message for you all..........

Shhhhhhh............. Don't tell my cousins.......................I'm coming to visit for Christmas!!!!  It's a big secret; I don't even think that my Gran knows yet.........

My Mummy has a new phone and this is a picture that she took of me in my hutch.  I'm hiding

See you all soon


Monday, 19 December 2011

Still clearing desktop folder

Sitting pretty
Cant a girl have a bit of peace without that damn flashy thing getting in the face

Ailsa trying to catch the lazer light. Its her favourite game but I cant see the point in it
Curlie sleeps, I did have more curlie sleeps but they wouldn't upload.
Pretzil sleeps

Play time with dad
Our bed, Not skin sis bed but we had to shaire as all beds were taken.
Aparently skin sis was staying another night so I was  just staking my claim since it is our doggie computer room bed after all and she does have her own bed but someone else was using it. I'm just saying you know youd think it was an honur for the guest to be given OUR bedcouch, I mean we could of let her use our night beds then she could of curled just like me.


Monday, 12 December 2011

Clearing the desktop

When my Mums files the photos on puter she puts the ones shes likes on the desktop,  THEN forgets about them for days.   Anyway this is a mixed bag of shots so mums can clean up her desktop.
Ailsa doing what she does most.
They (the humans) have all decided I'm strange as I have funny quirkie ways an I like doing funny things and I walk strange like putting my feet in the wrong order and I like to sit on things even if its not comfe and I like to undress dollies and teddies.. no bow is safe unless someone is watching as I only undress dollies and teddies if I'm alone.
Me thinking.
Taken on different days
Can I sit on it.

hi Mums
Best way to see out window.
Helping in the garden
Me and my dollie
Couldnt gets her shoes off.
Dads made Ailsa a new bed as even though she loved her box she had trouble getting in and out of it
Daddy and me were up early and out the window we saw this.
I still have to have a long line when out and about if mums or dads cant watch me every minute as I disappear in a flash, I donts go far but I blend i so I cant be found.
I was watching this birdie in the tree by my veranda bed and
it turned round and looked at me.
Its a seat, to be stood on
We just had morning tea

Sunday, 11 December 2011

More Club Photos

MUms still hasn't taken a photo of my wibbon, thinks she may of lost it along with my chicken and wine cause I haven't seen it again.

The treat Pouch
This is Molly who was in my class with her kid.
Me doing a 'watch' (the treat pouch)
Mollys kid, I liked him and he gave me kisses and I was very gentle
Watching my skin Sis takin photos with her phone

This is my friend Anastasia , she is a only 8 months old and is a very nervous doggie but is getting a bit better.
This is Graham, he's just a baby at only 14 weeks old

Molly again.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Last Dog club for the year

Waiting to start our tests
Today was the last day for dog club till next year,  Mums forgets the camera so skin sis who came to see me do my test tooks some photos with her phone.  I did pass grade 1 ands gots a wibbon buts mums hasn't taken a photo of thats so you can see the photo of that some other time ands my entry number gots pulled out first so I got a chicken and a bottle of wine, not sure whats happened to its cause I didn't see it my dinner dish tonight and I had promised Ailsa she could have some of its cause she stayed home with Dads.
Lots to sniff a
After dog club, remembering I cants go every week as its on a Sunday and we go see skin sis sometimes if the weather is nice Mums takes me to the dog beach for a run, I been three times now, first time I wasn't sure about it so stuck to Mums, she said it was a prize making heel.  Last time I run about a bit.  This times I gots a suprise cause I wasn't alone, both the other times I had the beach all to  myself.
WHATS ThAT, (check out those paws)
I got to have a closer look
This foot goes that way !!!
Wheres that little sqirt gone
Moving softies
Mums talking to stranger.
Oh seems shes talking to Little Sqirts Mum
We both getting tired but it was such a good day.
Going back to the cars
Mums askin if I wants some tuttie fruitie icecream.
No neeed to ask twice
A nice end to a good day, just got to find out what happened to MY chicken.