Sunday, 26 June 2011

The new Girl, Again

You would not believe what a sop she is. We Ridgebacks, were suppose to be reserved, she gives kisses for goodness sake. And tummy scratches, you roll over and just enjoy, you don't let your humans know its bliss, what does she do. Well see for yourself

Peace for a moment. No Red shadow.
I like the computer room dog bed
Tummy scratches from New Dads
Its been raining so I haven't explored a lot yet buts I so do like those tummy scratches
I tried to get her into the obedience class that start tomorrow but they were full so will have to wait a few weeks though it might be better to leave it until she is more relaxed, and we can work alone, just I would really like to let her off lead and can't do that unless she is in an enclosure.  I also need to get her to a Vet as she has weak paws and a couple of other things need to be checked so am hoping to get her in tomorrow but being a Monday I may not get there until Tuesday.  I know I'm being impatient, her back paws don't seem to be as bad its mainly the front left one,  we think she may of injured it but she's not telling.

The arrival

After a long road journey then a air flight she arrived, we got to the airport and spotted the plane saw some dog cages arriving at the animal pick up and got all exited only to see a cat and wrong dog. NEXT plane.   It arrived and eventually we saw the dog wagon coming across the tarmac. 
Somewere on that plane !!!!
First sighting. THere she is (in the middle)

Being called for ID

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Quarantine man.   I havn't got my papers. Maybe there among this lot.

Tasmania is a hydatid free state so all dogs have to have been treated.  Papers were arriving but not yet.  Dogs can be held or a $250 fine if not complied with.   I had gone to the vet the day before and picked up treatment for her just in case so she was free.
PLease please someone get-me-out-of-here.

Leg stretch before going to daughters for pit stop and lunch.

She had had a 4 hour road trip before being picked up by pet carrier at 9am, it was now 2pm so a wander round Daughters yard to relive herself and stretch her legs a bit more as she still had a couple of hours travel to go.

checking every corner
and every knook and cranie

Showing new mum, I'm a leaner
Will need to get that paw checked

Saying hello to my big brother.
Resting while they have lunch
Getting dark but the first encounter with Ailsa
Dinner time
Found the water
My bed for the night
Think I might of liked this one better. Nothing like making ourselves at home.
The day had all ready been a chalenge. She spotted a chicken under a bush and showed her high prey drive that got her in trouble in the first place.  She will be kept restrained and on lead for a long time until she has a better recall but she is very very gentle and sweet.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Buster Cube and Girl arrival

One of my favourite toys is the buster Cube. As you know I'm 13, they are supose to be indistructable wellls, this one is my third.  In my younger days it couldn't be used in the house as the cube was known to fly several dogs high in the air and traveled at such high speeds across the ground mums quite often had brused ankles.  Brodie never quite got the idea but he did learn that flying cubes meant skattered treats so as I kicked and spun he pinched the treats.

Tomorrow the humans pick up the new girl.  She has a long long trip that started yesterday, wonder if she plays cubes. 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Cold Damp Morning

Do you like leaves?  I love them, I love to kick my paws and bury my head in them. When I was a young girl I would chase the leaves when they fell off the trees, but my very favourite game is to wait till Dads or Mums makes them into a big pile and I jump in it and roll over and well I damn well enjoy myself and if the sun is shining I often fall asleep in them as there so cosy.   These are all wet and damp, its been raining and we been having heavy frosts so I'm hopping they get raked up before they start to rot.

Checking out the leaves
Looks like the rain coming again
Hope they get raked up soon.
Telling secrets
Its not misty buts it was so cold when we went out the camera fogged up.,  such a pity as its a good picture of me and Burtie. Not often that mums even remembers to have the camera with her that's why most of our pictures are of us sleeping.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Burtie here

Mums is trying to work out how to keep the blog going when it was actually Brodies blog as she doesn't want to start a new one so that this would then become obsolete.  Anyway, while looking at blogs it came to our attention that there is quite a lot of Burtie lookalikes,  so I'm going to have a lookalike day and have links to them so if you see any cats that look like me would you let me know.  

Friday, 17 June 2011

Ailsa checking in

Hi everyone.
Ailsa here. We thought it was time I said hello, as you know Brodie was the one that did most of the chatting as he was the kid in the family.   I spend a lot of time just laying around, as I can't run around any more as my legs forget what way they should be going but I still love to walk s-l-o-w-ly around the garden. I was 13 on May 11 so I have excuse to go slow.
Walking round garden with Burtie
My day is, sleep, eat, have tablets, walk round garden sleep, have tablets, eat sleep well you gets the idea, Mums said its a wonder I don't rattle.
My morning tablets
Mums been trying to get a good photo of me but as soon as she clicks the button I put my head down.   she thought it might be the flashy but thinks I hear it click as she tried putting flashy thing off but made no difference.
As you will see from the photos I've taken up Bros spot in the kitchen to keep an eye on food preparation.  I still have the bed under the kitchen table that was put there when I was sick, I use that in the daytime.

I sleeps a lot
ON the news front, I've heard them talking about some dog thats might be coming to live with us, she's a long long way away, she has a big road trip that has to be organised and thens she will be puts on one of those big birds that swallow you up and make loud noises then spits you out at some other place,.  I know all abouts big birds as when I was a pup I was put on one and they lost me so I have always been frightened of noise, then Mums and Dads will take a drive and bring her to live with us.
Bone munching off the sheet thats suppose to keep my bed clean.
I drinks LOts of water now so its been moved into the kitchen.

 Burtie is fine, doesn't have Brodie to cuddle up to so is hassling mums a bit but he did see that there are a lot of look a likes on the computer so might start a club.

 I'll hate to tell the new girl when she arrives  but ALL the beds are mine, I uses them all at different times of the day,  she wont get here for week or so as she has just had operation.  She has a family that loves her buts for her own safety she had to be rehomed so mums found her through rescue, she has to learn to live in a house, just as long as she knows the beds are mine. 

 Will let you know if or when "Tess" arrives.