Sunday, 31 July 2011

blog lessons

On Veranda telling the kid she has work to do. 
I was thinking its time the kid learned to use the puter, its to damn cold in the puter room for me to spend to much time on it so I was showing her the ropes so to bark.
Checking the 'mouse"
She says whats with dog school and homework she feels a bit brain dead buts I think that may be her general everyday self, she does two things, runs and cuddles and chops things to bits if she's left alone. 
Checking the blog
Mums says if Teesha can pick up a toy to shred it when they goes out out she can pick up a toy when they wants her to.   I thinks Mums at frustration level in a nice way of course.  Mums has never belived that we dogs know guilt but we do know fear and even putting a toy next to her she boults she specialy dislikes tennis balls.
Bed teddy, she only cuddles and noses it, never picks it up.
I can hear some of your humans now, saying Oh yes they do you should see his/her face, but not so, we just see there face or hear there voice and we know they is cross but not what they are cross about but since we are usually right in front of them then it must be us.    MUms is not showing any cross ness, she would actually like to SEE her pick something up even if its to chomp just so she could praise and treat her for picking it up then she can start teaching her all sorts of stuff like find, carry and pick up for mums and well you gets the idea.    
She gots herself  tangled.
 This is whats MUms had forgotton as its such a long time since she had pemanant treats in her pockets.  To Take thems OUT of the pocket before washing. 
Again!! still better then Ailsa finding them and chewing the pocket to get them.
Burtie taking us for a walk
Like Brodie, she loves being in front of the fire.
Learning to touch target

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Working on Recalls

 Its hard work and I have to oversee things to make sure there teaching her right, but she seems to be learning.  
Me Supervising
Mums and Dads have to be carefulls theres no native hens or wabbits around for her to spot as her recalls still need work but she's getting much better, they run her in the driveway so the pictures had to be lightened so you could see her as its been a bit dull and wet here.  
To MUms
To Dad again
Because she moves so fast Mum kept missing her coming back to us
Because her prey drive is still uncontrolled she is always kept on a lead except for driveway runs as its the only place that can be checked for wandering wildlife.
Burtie doing recall
MUms found it a bit hard to juggle treats, camera and to jump around like a silly twit all at the same time so Burtie had to help do the recall.
Second run to Burtie,  she is QUICK
Mums thinking of getting or making a drag line so she can wander around the paddock, have any of you used one?

Lets call it a day Burtie, I'm knackerd

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The new kid

Ailsa has given me this bed
Hi every one, its me Ailsa.  New kid can't type yet, she's now called  TEESHA.  Well, she seems to be settling in and don't tell anyone but I actually quite like her, makes me look good.    MUms took her to Vet on the Monday after she gots here because she had mastitus and vaganitus and for general check up as she so thin.   
In car going to vet for the second time since she got here
On the Tuesday first time Mums and Dads had to go and we were in the pen, SHE gots out and kilt some chickens. Nows they knew she climed fences so dads hads put a cover on the pens buts the gate was open.  Me I was inicent and snuggled deep ins my bed when theys got home. I waited for the shoutings as I knew therbe trouble and Dads was saying "she'll have to go" Mums took her round the garden picking up the chickens and burrying then and the girl trying to get attention and mums was giving her the silant treatment.  Now from experiance I know thats worse then the yelling.
Lazy dinner
Because she had mastitus and it was so cold that morning Mums put my favourit coat on her as it was the smallest, so I wasnt impressed that bits of it was on all the fences as she had tried to get through thems.  She also gots a scratch on her forehead so now has a bindi as it will probably scar as it gots infected.  Ands this was only by the 3rd day with us ands I hadnt even hads my lunch.
Innocent of all wongs
After checking the pen dads decided she had scratched the gate so that the boult had fallen and then when she pulled at the bird netting it had pulled it open.  So Thursday he put an extension on the gate and another boult.  They put us in the pen, though why I had to go in there I don't know. I told her to lay down and be quiet but no she had to check all the pen climbing up the wire and then she got to the gate and showed them cause they were looking through the window.  she put her flat paw through the wooden slats and slid the boult cept the extra barrer meant she couldnt open it so she spent the rest of the time checking out the corners.   Next day a security door went on the shed so on the following Tuesday when they went out we were in the shed and couldn't get into the pen. But at least she was still there. I wet my bed because I couldn't get out and she shredded a pillow but Mums said "no matter" as it wasn't the first time they had been shredded and re stuffed and  bedding can be washed.
Lazer eyes
Do you think if I ignore her she'll go away
The rest of the time has been quiet. she is going to dog school on Mondays. I have taught her how to empty a kong and chew a bone. I'm still trying to teach her to pick up a toy but she's a bit dumb, all she wants to do is have cuddles, she even cuddles up to me for goodness sake.
Hold it you silly thing
With your paw
Use your paw like this

Got them