Monday, 31 December 2012

Planting of Chrisy

Telling Chrisy tail
A long time ago in the year of Mandy and baby Wilmot there was a tree, about  12 inches tall,  it was bought because Mums and dad had just bought this place for a weekender and a place to call home when they needed it, something that happened 14 months latter. 

Mum and the kids came here a week early and Dad was to arrive on Christmas eve when Mums went to get him and Baby Wilmot, cept he didn't have a name then.  Since Dad wasn't getting here till Christmas eve and the big tree was at the other house  Mum felt they had to have another tree at least for Christmas day so thats how the little tree became part of there lives starting as a table decoration.

Over the years it grew and went into bigger and bigger pots till its last decorated Christmas of 2011 when it was getting to big to get in through the door without braking and it was getting to heavy for dads since he is also 26 yrs older then when it first arrived.
So on Thursday Chrisy as she was named was buried hmm planted as both skin kids were here and it was part of there lives for so long and I have had one Christmas under it and lay under its shade when it was on the veranda.
Skin kids digging hole while we made lunch.
Turkey sandwitches
Ate mine
Waiting for more
Bringing the tree from the house, cant see me cause I'm wiv mums taking photo
not turkey
Tree arrived
Sis took this pic and I had to tells MUm they broked the pot
Dad putting Chrisy in the hole (they not looking but sheep up this way)
Me supervising, these things gots to be done right

Dave filling the hole
Gots to protect it from the sheep, Now thats a job I can do.
OK, nows I'm getting board,
Making sure they do its right
Kids and me having a guinness

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Catchups

 Well here I was still waiting for Santa but this time at our own tree, it wasn't the usual tree as Mums said we was going to plant it this year as its been in a pot for 25 years.

 We puts my stocking up then I had my night time biscuit before going to bed, as usual I had crumbs all over the place. Mums says I'm either a pretend Ridgeback or I'm getting to many treats.

 Well morning came ands there it was, Santa had been.  Skin Bro and Sis who is staying with us for Christmas told me I could touch and open it as it WAS mine. I'm a little afraid of touching things in the house still.

 MUMMMMY!!! skin kid pinched it, oh ok she just starting it off for me

 Smells good

 Sis had to hold it as it kept moving from my nose. Now if i'd been outside on my own I would of torn its all up buts I was inside. 

O wows it smelt so good and its was lots of treats, I hads gobble dog turkey jerky, Pupcotti biscuits and chicken jerky and turkey biscuits and a cupcake.
This is my favourite a chicken drum stick. it was like chicken jerky stuck on a chewy stick ands I chewed it properly.

Hope you all hads a good Christmas.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Waiting for Santa

Just hope he doesn't take as long as Mummy getting the blog updated, seems she's having trouble making it mine, she just not trying hard enough, anyways here I ams at one of the nursing homes I visit.

                            Here I am at another one I visit. 

He gots to be somewere.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Gots a headache, dads playing movie tooooo louds.  

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Home Alone

Still gots my first dollie
Not sure ifs I like being alone. I nevers been alone since I gots to my forever home, you mights wemember whens I come to live here I would wrek everything and pull stuff apart an climb out of pen so Ailsa an me would gets put in the shed with a door ons, they didnts have a door ons the shed befores and its been theres for ever. whens I didnt have to stay home Ailsa woud go in the pen to buts well they didnts trust me as I might gets out.
Me not done nothing
Anyways I was getting quites good and only used to unstuff an odd toy or pull rip any blankie Ailsa was laying on to try gets her to play.  SO this week is the first time I bin left in the shed whens Mum and Dads went out cause Dads had operation same time Ailsa went to Rainbow bridge so I stayed home to look after him when Mums went out.

cept rearange a bits
 Anyways they BOth wents out as dads much better so whens they come home things don't look bad, I rearanged the bed a bit but all was in one piece, I dids think I gots away with it.  Mums was a bit upset, said I was back to square one what ever that means,  and I heard banging come from the shed so think its bin fixed but don't have photo yet. 
Well!! its is the way outs.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Goodbye dear Ailsa

11 May 1998 - 8 October 2012

Ailsa's last photo
Today we sent our dear girl to rainbow bridge,  she could no longer walk around and needed help to keep her back legs supporting her, somedays would be good but the time had come when they were becoming few and far between,  saying goodbye was hard as she had lost none of her mental abilities, her sight was still great and her hearing as always was spot on selective, she could still hear a piece of meat drop on the floor even if she wasn't able to get up to get it but she did learn to give a bark to let me know it was there and Hers.  She wasn't a dog who liked a lot of fuss, she was just there, near by, always, watching every move we made,  never out of calling distance.  Goodbye by baby.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Shed Cleaning

It is such a long time since we bin here, its not like nothins happend but she never gets to put our pictures up, its Autum now and we bin playing with leaves, Ailsa loves leaves. Anyways we have been checking in on all our frends and we really must send a welcome to our newest. Molly, very cute Mitch.

Wells. Dads broked the kitchen, so Mums decided to make herself invisable and wents to clean ups her little shed thats gots more stuff then a big shed should have in its. and she first trew outs a pile of wool the moths had gots into then the tarp thats was over it then a biiiiig sofftee toy,


Mums said I coulds have it.

Head for a pillow
And he better remember is mine.
It use to belong to a doggee called Brodie, I never met him buts Mums said he would of loveds me as we like a lot of the same stuff, buts he prefered a big brown bear and they were to bigs for him to have two so it had been in the shed for abouts 3 years ands I love it, I layed on it alls day so now except for the day I gots it and didnt want to leave it by itself outside its on the veranda cept Ailsa and Burtie pinch it sometimes.  Ailsa was chomping a bone on it yesterday cept Mums didnt get a picture. I donts mind shairing but its my doggee.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Mys update at last

 Wells since I promised an update I cant show you any more Wordless Wednesdays till I do.,  trying to gets Mums to do the blog for me isn't easy let me tell you.   Anyways once more she has photos on her desktop to be cleared. some of themes are from Christmas for goodness sake I mean its nots like we don't do do anything, nots that she ever has the camera ats the right time and even when she does she misses cause she to slow.  Ailsa is plodding along and sleeps a lot buts I done lots of things, like helped with the sheep whens they were getting there woolie coats off, we only gots 4 seep ands I dint chase them buts they wouldn't go into the pens ands kept breaking away so Mums put me by the fence ands told me to stay there so I dids ands the sheep wouldn't pass me. and I didn't chaes them. Ok so there was a loooong lead ons me but I didn't move anyways. gees someone would thinks they didn't trust me or somting.   Ands you see thats last WW picture of me, wells thats a very special bandana I gots on ands thats mums didn't even tells you how goods I did when I gots valuated, I's got pushed about and people alls around me wanting to pat mes ans they hads walking sticks and walkie wheelie things ands things crashing to floor ands well I did goods.  My one weakness is though that I have to say hello to any dogs I see, so tend to pulls mums arm off if she doesn't see it first but the third time I passed the doggies I was a goods girl and didn't look ats them,  Anyways I gots this job now were I go to visit these people in bedrooms, Mums said its called a nursing home buts to me there bedrooms cause they gots bed in them and I tried to sit on one as it look comfy.  Anyways maybe Mums be good and keep in touch withs you all more, we do come visit but don't always have much time to leave a mark.

Ailsa caught a treat, I cants do that.

chrunchies, I'm laying on my big crunchie
big crunches to
Morning tea yet
Such a girlie, picked all the choc (carob) drops off first.
Remember that bottle of wine and a chicken I won. Wellll,

Ailsa in her box, but as much as she loves it she really can't curl up any more so it will have to go

she missed the yawn

rest time in a sunbeam

learning stays

checking of its tea time yet

Burtie and me

BBQ at skin sis with auntie maria, I want skin sis t shirt, cause thats me.

Ailsa chomping at BBQ

looking out the gate
BUrtie, who doesnt go so far since he got bashed up