Thursday, 14 April 2011

OUr update

  Resting after walk around  the garden.
Hi Guys, Brodie here.  I's feeling real goods today, not quits my mischeviouse self ands I still a little bits off my foods ands my poos are still a little orange ands I still having little blue pills buts todays I wanted to goes out for a walk ands I took interest in things an well I just felt a bits better.  

No its not his coat, if there going to buy at sales you'd think they put some flowers on it.

Ailsa to is much better, she eating as wells ands SHE was naughty cause she went walks about and mums had to go looks for her an SHE was in the chooks place, mums yelled at her so she must of bin feeling better for mums to yell ats her, she didnt listen buts so mums had to go turn hers around and aways from the chookes cause she woulds eats fudge given chance  I wasn't naughty so missed outs. 

Ailsa in chooks place

Burtie taking Ailsa for walks,
Dads came home froms town and he hads gots us some chicken wings,  ands we ate some, last weeks we woulds of sniffed thems and turned away.  We still drinking lots and piddling lots and gets tired quickly and mums watching very carefully in case our tummies get big and she still keeps lookings in my mouth to check my gums. 
Thats my tail wagging

Ailsa still eating hers, me asking for more.
Thanks you all for keeping us in your thoughts, we hope we have happy play photos for you soon, just not quite there yet, we slept the rest of the whole day.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ailsa and Brodie update

Ailsa on Sunday.
Things plod along at the house, its a bit like a roller coaster, one minute there up, next down, if its not one its the other.  I took a Brodie urine sample to the vets on Friday and once more it showed blood,  getting him to eat and drink is a problem,  he is back on another lot of antibiotics and Macrolone, the tests seem to point to Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. 

Ailsa was not so good on Sunday and at one stage I did wonder if I should make that dreaded phone call, she has an appointment tomorrow (Monday). I think they have a pact to get sick on weekends, more points for after hours.    Her bad turns are getting more frequent but is a happy soul in the good times,  big problem is keeping her quiet when she is as she over exerts herself but who are we to stop her living the life she loves. I'm not sure she would be happy if kept restrained.   But if she leaves I'm not sure Brodie will pull through and I'm not sure I could stand the pain of losing the two of them.
Tonight, keeping mums company
We have searched every inch of the place but can't find anything they could of got into,  the only variable is the dog biscuits, a new bag a few days before they got sick so have bought a different type for when they do now eat, veg are all home grown organic and meat is human grade as most pet grade has preservatives and that nutralises Ailsas thyroid tablets,  test don't show the possibility of snake bite, only thing I haven't had checked is the water as were on bore, its possible that both getting sick at the same time is just a coincidence but both had there check up a couple of weeks before and apart from Ailsa having arthritis and Brodie being a bit over weight both were well and healthy.

Yesterday it was Ailsa's vet check, she was a bit more perky, she in't carrying so much fluid but has washed out to much salt from her system, probably didn't help her arthritis, she has more diuretics but at a reduced rate and a repeat of her heart meds. she has tablets to help clear the congestion on her chest, I also picked up some tablets for Brodie to help stimulate his appetite as he's not eating well and needs to or his Macrolone will give him tummy upsets.
Glad most of there tablets come in different colours,
Today, has been good but the roller coaster ride we have had for close to three weeks means I'll just go with the flow.  What will be will be.  I would like to think they have turned the corner but we have had good days then next moment one or the other is down again.  Age means that Ailsa will never get fully better but she deserves to live her old age in comfort. But yes today has been good.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Two sick dogs update

Trying to keep my mouth safe
Sunday morning I hads to go for 12hr monitoring, I was a bits dehydrated buts didn't feel like drinking.  I hads the needle thingy put back in my leg and was given some more drippy juice ands gots my wee tested thats my daddy caught off me ands put in a bottle and my bloods count done again, Blood count was a bit higher buts I still had blood in my wee but nots as much.  After I had my check and while I was getting my juice another little dog was getting checked, its was given some cat foods but didn't eats it so I did. I hads my leg wraped up for refuel latter and went homes again to mys own beds. I was just so tired so alls you getting is pictures of Ailsa ands me resting as she's not to well either. Everytime anyones wents past me they lift ups my lip.
shaved tummy

Sunday evening, backs we go for my next 12 hour check and the rest of my juice,. I really dints  feel like doing anything and I didn't wants to get out of mys bed buts this time Daddy was comings too as skin sis had gone home to Munchkin who used to be Zoro.   I just wanters to rest, I was so sick of alls the prodding and poking and Everybodys keep checking my mouth or earflaps.
feeling the cold

It was decided that as he was so despondent and showing that he just wanted to crawl in a dark spot and be left alone that we would not go back to the vet unless it was needed until Blood test came back from pathology.
Ailsa sleeping to

Today I didn't feel to good ins the morning, didn't want to eat or drinks. I was going for a check in the afternoon.  Mums just left me to sleeps in the sun. thens the gas man cames and I tried to barks, didn't do a goods job but its felt good. Dads had gone into town ands got me some chicken thats I ate, Mums caught some of my wee ands  and in the afternoon we wents to the vet, I was feeling quite goods by then.  I'm just eating little bits at a time and I tire easily buts I feeling much better. 
still sleeping
We still don't know what caused Brodies sudden acute anaemia, snake bite was a possibility but ruled out by pathology, his blood count was 16 when I first rushed him to the vet, he was for some reason bleeding into the gut.  Scan didn't show any abnormalities.  Todays urine was clear, no blood in it. his blood pressure is normal and blood count still not normal but rising.  All we can do is keep a watch on him and hope he keeps on improving.   Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts.
In a sunbeem

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Two sick dogs - Update

Hi All,
This is Ailsa and Brodie's Skin Sister.  Thank you all for thinking of him and posting some big barks on his blog.  Mum and I felt that you would like an update.

Ailsa is getting better.  It appears that her tablets are having an effect and she has perked up.  What really perked her up was Brodie coming home.

Yes he came home today.  The Vet left a drip in and showed us how to control it so that he could be comfy at home.  He is a tiny bit better, but we still don't know what's wrong.  He's had blood taken, but it's a weekend, so it won't go the the lab until Monday.  I hope that he makes it till then.  We have all spent time on the couch with him.  I'm sure that he just wants us all to leave him alone so that he can have some peace!
Just home and comfy on the computer room couch

In His garden with Burty taking care of him (Mum holding the drip has nothing to do with it!)

In his bed.  Dad rigged up a rail for his drip between two bookshelves. Mum and I found some caging to keep him safe tonight

The special Calanoni that I made for him.  Pasta filled with Lamb.  He wanted more 

Tonight we've been back to the Vet for his 12 hour check.  Brodie managed to pull his drip out as we got him out of the car and the vet could not re-insert it as his blood pressure is to low.  He's had more drugs, so we're just keeping him comfortable at home.  Mum couldn't bare to have him all alone in a cold steal cage for another night.

Brodie has another appointment at the Vets tomorrow morning at 09:30.  I hope he makes it.

I had better go.

The Skin Sista!

Two sick dogs

I'm not sure how many of you still pop in here as I haven't been good at passing on Brodie and Ailsa's events.    But if any of you are good at sending out healing vibes we need them now.   A week last  Wednesday evening  Brodie who had been his usual self refused dinner. walked around the dish and sat looking, walked around again then slowly started eating it, I took it off him half way through as I felt his body was saying no, next morning I watched for poos, it was orange and runny, he wanted breakfast. he was taken to vet and it was thought he may of got into the grapes as one bit of runny poo had a grape in it. But she didn't feel he had a blockage as I had feared,  he was given antibiotics and put on a light diet of small frequent meals,  no more runny poos but still orange in colour. Through the week they have all been mid firm to soft but not runny, he been drinking lots and peeing lots but quite happy. 

Yesterday. Ailsa, 12+10 months who is very arthritic and stiff got up with difficulty, refused breakfast,  we took her for  a walk but she had a lot of difficulty moving I though she may of had a stroke, she could get up the steps but not walk straight, we got back inside and she climbed on the lounge and went to sleep.  I left her there  and phoned the vet, appointment mid day,  one hour later Ailsa is up and checking the food stands, she ate her Breakfast and looked for more.  At vet  check blood was taken but the first needle showed she had dropsy, she is now on fluid tablets and heart meds, is eating but the cold change is hitting her hard and she is looking for Brodie so I can't settle her down tonight.

Brodie is in intensive on drips, I would prefer to be with him, its alway my fear that should they leave that they will be alone, he's never been alone in his whole 9 1/2 years of life.  I was at work today so he spent the day with Hubby, Brodie has a lounge chair in the computer room that by choice he uses in the daytime when inside.  Mike heard a thump and found Brodie on the floor, he thought he had fallen off, Brodie was a bit slow when he got up,  when I got home Mike opens the back door and the dogs run to greet.  Brodie only got to just outside the door and stood there. I checked him over, his gums said he was anemic, eyeballs dry, phoned after hours and drove him to the vet, he was put on a drip immediately, after about an hour a bit of colour came into his gums but he is not good.
Please keep them in your thoughts.Ailsa and Brodie's  Mum