Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Burty on the prowl

Its been brought to my attention that we have a blog. They who think they are superior beings have been keeping secrets from me, me who brings them fresh rabbit on frequent occasions, ok!! so its whats left over after I've had my fill but isn't that whats purfect servants are for, to clean up after a purrson. So here I am, the names Burty, I'll be keeping an eye on them from now on.

Saturday, 23 May 2009


We's all preperd, this weekends it firesworks an it seems theys makes a lots of nois with bangs and wizes and frighten doggies likes us, its in alls the papers as a warning to humans to portects thers furkids, Ailsas was reading bouts it.

Our humans says we dont have to worries as were safe from its all but we decidid were not takin any chances, anyways we gots daddys safty stuff alls redy just in case, well I ams redy anyways.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Game of soccer

Ailsa isnt as springy as shes was once buts still likes a game of soccer, just doesnt jump so high nows, these are old photos of us a few years ago befors we got grays hair. shes wouds gets cros wiv me caus I likes to grab the ball with my mouff and then they lose ther bounce so shed cant play again till mums or dads had gots her a new ball.

The wait is on

Maybe this way!!

The Race is on

Monday, 11 May 2009

Happy birfday to Ailsa

Happy birfday Ailsa, I be real nice to yous today I promise. I know Is nice to you always but mums tells me its your special day as your as big 11 yrs old so I gots to expect you not to plays so rough as wes used to. Mums still nots have a camra so I had to looks for a old photos but we gots lots of them.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Seek and Find

It hards to find thins when its rains, be wes looked and looked an ventuly we founds it, parantly thes likes the rains. Mums said we have lots more ifs I didt trys etin whats shes calls tadpols sinc thats whats they chang into, frogs. sees, when dams fulls it has these little black things swimmin in it, nows I dont swim, thats for fishes, Ailsa shes just dos little swims whens its real hots other tims she just walks in to her chest. i justs stands with my feets ins water and all these tadpols swims aron my feets ands I sters at thems and withouts thems looking I lowes my head and suddly I bits the waters and catches them. I cants tells you if it s tase like the goldsfish I ates as nobdys supose to knows.

Shee seeks it here, Is seeks it thers.
Wes seeks thats dams frogs everyweres

Anyways sees you latter
Brodys and Ailsa

More bed times

Its soooo cold, I not like the cold, maks me shiver it bin raining to but Mums says I nots alowd to complan cause wev not had much and we needs it to grows things sos we can have veges in ous dinner, sos we bin doin a lot of sleeping, since mums says we haves a box of picturs of us sleeping I'm goin to show yous some of our olds ones.

You woks me up!