Thursday, 27 August 2009

True Colour Thursday

This week its Sky Blue
This was taken through the computer room window, think they were having an agument as to were there nest is to go.
Brodie with his Blue Teddie

Mums Teddie
Mums Faries, skin Bro bought the one sitting on a thimble and Skin Sis the other one, the wings are made from real butterfly wings.
And the plate. We're getting desperate when we have to cook something to put on it, should of only been 1 drop of blue.
Well the we dont mind blue, Brodie was to fast so you just gots me Ailsa.
Now you see it, Now you dont, well you can , Just.
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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Im's back

We haves been trying to put somes photos up buts its been so slow so today we tried puts Ailsa ups and its here. Mums has been extreamly lazy, she gots dishlousand whens she couldnt gets our phot ups so nows out of habit of trying each day, we haves bin visiting though, loves to see all thats agility, we loved it but Ailsa gots to old ands I hurt my neck. to be honest we havnt been up to much, its stil raining ands though we live on the tops of a hill so its all runs away its all muddy ands the autum leaves that never gots raked up because its never stoped raining ar now all gacky and slippy slimmy. Mums trying to gets into the garden buts its just to muddy ands all the bulbs are popping ups among the rubbiss of fallen twigs and branches as we bin getting lots of wind, its 2 weeks to Spring buts I think its forgotton.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wordless Wednesday - a day late

Hi All, It's the skin sis here. I got home from work really late yesterday and neglected to post. My appologies to all. Here it is...........

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Thankyou skin sis

Is cant shows you any pics today cause the big dish in the sky thats talks to the ones on our roof is sick so our server is slowed down so much I cants up load any pictures. Anyways our skin sis was here ons the weekend so she puts our chocolate brown ones on her puter ands puts them up for us whens she gots home so Thankyou skin sis, will gives you exta hugs nexts time Is see yous.

Wells its raining agains, so we havnt actuly gots any new pics so i donts suppose yous going to miss much. I dun know you would think the sky wouds of run out ofs wet stuff by now ands its nots supoose to stops for days yet, I wills let you knows if I start to gets webed feets.

I gots a new teddie, will shows you when I can, hmmmmmmm its pink, well it was goin to be for next Thursdays pics thens it was to be fors me. Mums gots it from the opp shop, wells I cants thinks of anything else to tells you withouts photos, seems its may be a couple of weeks before its fixed.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

True Colour Thursday

Whos idea was Chocolate brown? Sorry but Mums just cant get past one item relating to that colour. She resisted the urge to drop into Anvers but only because she closed her eyes tight as they passed it on Tuesday, a feat that will probably make our skin sis proud, Chocolate was on special at the supermarket but at least its not so nice she cant resist it.
Tim Tams, Mums and Dads favorite bickies that theys have with there morning tea, (we have half a 4x2 each cause we cant have chocie as its toxic to dogs)

A teddie of mums
and Mines. remeber whens I was little, scroll down an down to flashback Tuesday 2. Same one buts with no ears, nose or eyes, its also gots a hole in its bum and has stuffin comming outs of it so I have a feeling it may disapere to were tired stuffies go, Mums says its been around so long it mays have to go into the compost heap to relive again as a carrot or somethin.
These are Mums dollies, Dads bought her one for a Christmas and the other for a birthday a longs time ago befores I was born, Is not allowed to touch thems.

Maybe you better nots see this one
ans the plate.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Flashback Tuesday (3)

More old photos, taken in 2002

First week ins my new home, wonder if she likes me.
Yous found me!! ( cant even gets my head under there nows)
My Tanya when she was bigger then me using my teddie as a pillow. (if you scroll down to last Tuesday youll see me with its)
Me and my big sis sunbaking.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Our Hill

This is our hill, on Wednesday you saw one of this lots of photos so youll see whats we were doing, Theres so many goodies on our hill, wallabie chews, bunnie and sheep nibbles, knaker naker moossse. Buts theres also lots to sniff out and also some chassies. Nots the sheep, were nots allowed to chase the sheep, or the chookies acctuallys buts there is ones were allowed, mainly becuse there real fast ans go through into the dams or through the fence ans where nots allowed to go past thems (the fence that is) ans were allowed to chase the bunnies buts only the wilds ones, we do knows the differnce as we learnt bout boundarys whens we was youngs.
We seek thems here.
and everywhere.
This way
No! that way
Over here
Nope! over there
They were heres
Ands here.
Oy, Ailsa, gets a move on.
and been around here.
ans there gones cause were the bosses ans its our hill
Ands now were heading home, but first do you wants to see whats we were seeking.

Knaker nakers.

a close ups of
Tasmanian Native hens

Thursday, 6 August 2009

True Colour Thursday

Well its True Colour Thursday again, this week is the colour of our choice. It put mums in a bit of dilemma as she has a lot of favourites depending on her moods, in fact it was decided there is no actual favourites just a connection to things that happen to have colour.

Early morning green, if you look close you will see a garden resident who spends its day living under the laurel berries. dont ask hows we havent gots it yet, but we are sure its days are numbered.

the colour of mums favourite dinner set, after mums put this photo up on computer she found the screw shes bin looking for for days.

The golden brightness of a candle on a wintery evening.

An out of season Rhodo on a grey Winters day.

The white muzzle of a well loved dog

And the colour blackberries to bring back hints of summer days.
If you want to play along drop into Blue's place and let her know.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Flashback Tuesday (2)

Somes more fotos from the packet Mums found in desk, first one is Wilmot who I never met but heard a lot about as it seems he was a bit of a character, his mum was a German Pointer an his father was a Labrador or cocker spaniel, they never did works its out buts he was a skin kid chrissie presant, and Tanya who was a Cocker Spaniel but the runt of the litter so never grews very big, she was a very sick pupies she was a crissie presant to froms dad to mum.

Wilmot Oct 1986/Oct 2001 and Tanya Oct 1988/Sep 2003

Me in 2002 whens I was a baby an my big sis Ailsa.
Mys Tanya, I loved my Tanyas and looked after her, she used to lets lost as she was blind an deaf buts still wents wandering, I used to go looking for her and nudge her in the right direction. I fretted and pined so much when she went to rainbow. She got a sore paw in this photo as she never used to tell whens she was hurt.
Ailsa in 2001 before she went golden.
Mes again, an i didnts do it. Teddy dids.
Ps, I thinks I still gots that teddy.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Getting the paper

We onlys get the paper on Sundays now cause they kept getting pinched. Anyways usually Dads gos and gets it but yesterday Mums went so had the flashy thing withs her. As you can see we still gettings lots of rain.
Mums is lagging, I'ms having to wait, Come on MUms.
Having to wait again.
I'm past the half way point so nows have to wait till mums gets right to me so she cans puts my lead ons as I's not alowed to goes any fuver in case thers a somthin I wants to chase. Just reliving myself as I wait. Hurry ups Mums before its starts raining again.
Were at the end of the lane way, I was told sit and wait so she could make sure there was no traffic cumming up the hill ands that the doggie who lives over the the other side wasnt out ins the garden as he runs on the road when hes seens people. Once she knew its was all safe I was allowed to gets the paper.
Heading back home, I nots running ahead nows as I have a jobs to do. paper is ins a plastic bag becuse of the rain, I likes it better when its just the paper buts dads does sometimes complain if its gots tooth marks in its.
Hurry ups Mums.
Waiting for Mums to close the gate.
Downs the step were once MY Tree stood.
And waiting for Mums to opens the door for me so I cans give the paper to dadfs and gets my crunchy treat for doings a good job and nots dropping it intos a puddle.