Saturday, 29 March 2014


Mums & Dads left me with at the skin sis' house for sleepsover. No to sure if i's like this sleepsovers bizzo.......... 
It was rainings , I don'ts like the rains, so Dad's left the skin sis some DVD's to watch. I'vs already seens thems
Does I have to sees it again????
That's my TV snacks, I'm feelings miffed, so not eatings thems, even tho I surprised my skin sis by eating almost all of my dinners. It was hoppies, ones of my favourites! 
Afters watchings tv's for ages, we's wents to beds. I's got a beds heres just like homes, but it's next to my skins sis bed! 
Cans you turns the lights off please? I wanna sleep!
When's we's gots up, it was sunnys,so we's wents for a walk to the local shops. Skin sis had to get me some foods, cos I forgots to pack my second dinner!  We wents to the local stupor market. The lady there has ridgies just like me! Then we wents to the coffee shop. Sis had coffee's and I helped her scoff hers muffin.  It's was apple and cinnymons. We sats outsides so that I coulda see everythings that was hapnen.  Some lovely ladies came send gave me big pats! Then we wents to the very nice & yummys smelling place. I think she says it's a bwutcha?
Afters that, we came homes and I caught a few rays in the kitchens
My spot, my spot, my spot
Ohhh do you really have to use the stoupid thing too? Waddya mean, you want photos?

I was missing my Mums & Dads.  I waited for them to comes and gets me
I'ms waitings........
Thems I decided I'd had enough. If theys not gonna be back soons, i'msa gonna makes my selfs at home on skin sis's couch! This is the chair that Mums sits in when she's here, so I'm gonna give it a burls too!
Alls comfy on my skins sis jumpers! (She used a filters on this photos, shes thinks shes cleaver)
I also had a go on thes big couch, but i's liked the smalls one better. 

Today's we wents for a ride in the skin sis car! It's not verys big, not like mums an dads. I had to try's to make myselfs comfy on the back seat.  I went to places i's no been to before! 

Had better goes, sis wants to cook lunch & i's gotta stupervise! 


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Having a sleep over

I not sure what a sleep over is but parantly I staying with my skin sis for a couple of days so I had to pack a bag. 

Cuddle rug, lead, breakfast 4x2s, morning tea treats, freezer meals, biscuits in case I want them, poop bags, lay down mat, dried liver bits, filled kong, check all there.

Hope that's my favourite

All there mums

Not sure it will all fit in
Packed and ready for tomorrow. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Or photos that haven't been up loaded because good help is hard to come by sometimes and mums been slack.  It's not as if I spend all days in bed buts that's all she seems to take photos of.  Anyways, she gots me a old  but new to me trampoline for veranda as Ailsa,s old one that Bindy and me both use had holes in it so she was scared weed gets out footsies caught. She used the blank I ewe used to have over the holes to cover it.
my veranda bed
This is naughty Bindie, she used ups at least 3 of her 9 lives as last weeks she was playing with a snake on the roof, a very poison snake. Mums was scared she would gets bitten and put the hose on thems ands the snake went into the eves of the house, anyways dads was cleaning the sheds that's next to the back door and there ithis one was, dad's kilt it so its dreads but Bindie was still trying to play with its because it's was moving still. She's stupid, I stayed well away because they said it was baaaad in that tone the humans use sometimes. 
Bindie with her yellow belly black snake
This is the my TV bed between mums an dad's chairs, i makes it myself by rearranging the blankies as mums never does it right.
nap time
That's it for now. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

1. 2 . 3. gone

I need paws Mums
Well, what can I say, you must of heard it from your humans, " that would of been a good picture, but, I missed it".  We'll I'm always hearing it, anyway she gets an app on her iPad to take lots a photos in a blink,  she wanted a side head view with my ears up, don't ask me why, humans can be strange sometimes, 100 photos in a blink. Hmmmmm.  Do I need to say it.   She missed,  spose she could join them all together.

Get Ready
you missed my ears
hows I suppose to sniff out the hoppys
As you see, She missed.