Saturday, 31 October 2009

Me an my teddies

I was collecting alll my teddies as I was going to post one for cutest Bear award buts by the time I founds all my outside ones and collected the ones on the veranda ands from all my beds I was to tired to pose wiv one as I couldnt decide whats one was my favourits, so I had a sleeps while I thouts till its was to late. So here they alls are, well most of thems, I founds one on the veranda thats I missed.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

True Colour Thursday

This weeks colour is Black as in Halloween cept we don'ts do Halloween so I's not sure hows to do that buts I do know black. We missed green last week, ours Mums is being very slack and nots helping us wiv our blog, says she to busy and needs to do Spring cleaning before spring is over and wiv Christmas in a couple of months, an she gots sewing to do !!!! excuses excuses excuses, she also thinks were a bits boring as alls our photos are the same since most times the only times she gots the camera ready is in the house ands thens were sleepies, anyways Ivs had discushoin wivs her and she says she wills try to do better.

This is mes with Black nose having serious discushoin wivs Mums.

This is Ailsa wiv black nose telling me I wasting my time as Humans are no goods at telapathic comunications.

These are little black tadpoles in ours ponds. I is waitng fors thems to change into froggies so I cans chase thems

We donts have a black teddy ands I couldnts find my black monkey, I thinks I left it out side in our dogie pen. these are Black Cocatoos instead, you were going to see thems for green last weeks. they are eating the seedpods on the Banksia Bush by our veranda.

Heres a closer looks. they are very bigs. they fly away and sware ats me when I chase thems off making a big skreeching noise thats I dont like.

And the plate. we alls love licorice ands thats was the only Black thing mums could think ofs to put on its. .

Next weeks colour is CANARY YELLOW, if you would like to join in the fun and chalange of finding each weeks colour go to Blues blog and let her know.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

True Colour Thursday

Didn't think we were going to make it this week, Mums was late taking photos again.

Mums gots lots of Pink teddy bears but we thoughts we should have these ones here.
Mums favourit Camilia, most of the flower buds got knocked off in the wind before they opened this year.

One of Dads Rhodos, we loves running around the paths in the Rhodo garden, most flower in November buts a lot have all ready finished and some havn't gots many buds on them.

Only Azalia out at the moment that hasnt been eaten by the walabies.

This is our newest Magnolia. its the first ti
me its flowered, it would probably of gots more flowers on it if Ails and I didnt keeps licking the blood and bone up everytime dads puts some on it.

I dont have any pink toys cause I'm a boy, okay I got mauve thats close buts no pink but Ailsa has a pink pig that she uses as a pillow when she's not pinching my Mango bear.

Mums pink plate and pink fairy.

and another fairy with pink coffee cup, the little beaded doll has pink beads on its dress. the dolls are made by a lady who gives the profits to cancer resurch.

And the plate, the candles are pink but we liked them lit so they dont show so well in the candle lite

Next weeks colour is GREEN, as in grass, if you would lik eto join in the fun and chalange of finding each weeks colour go to Blues blog and let her know.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Our week

We havnt gots up to much this as we had this lot of cleanings up again because of big winds that blew down branches and stuff so we hads another bonfire, I likes bonfires. we hads lovely weather last week buts its raining again now.
We been so rushed off our paws workin um overseeing we are feeling a bits guilty cause we havnts gots to marks our watering spots over the last week buts we have been to visits you.

I also been having trouble gettings Mums to do our blog for us, I keeps telling her thats it will be only wednesday and Thursday again if she doesnt watch it.

Fertalising the grass in the woodpile area we are cleanings up. Its was a lots of hards work cleanings it all up we hads to have lots of rest breaks to keep us going.

Some of you were wondring whats I was ripping ups last wedda, wellll I was saving my mums from eating somthing bads for her, it was a carton of cream, well its wasnt a full one but it still hads lots in it. I found it sitting on the kitchen bench all by itself, so I just hads to take a look ats what it was, Yummmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmmmmys, wells I figured if mums forgots to puts it away I may as wells have it, so i dids

I also helps Mums finish her jigsaw and thens we had lots of sleepies. in fact Mums gots so many sleepies photos of us we may gets her to do a sleepie day.

Ailsa waiting to catch me when i run round bush.

Ailsa hads a sore ear as I actedently bits her, she jumped ups as I was daydremming an I swung round and caught her so she didnt talk to me for a few days buts we all made up now.

Mums was a bits concerned as ailsa kept turnin her back on me evry time I went to see whats I had done, Buts we all frends again cept she tried to hog all the computer chair insted ofs keeping to her side buts we worked it out.

We will try and gets to mark your spot tomorrow.

Brodie and Ailsa

Thursday, 8 October 2009

True Colour Thursday

We really dont mean to just have Wednesday and Thursday but Mums really must gets her self organised, once again its been a mad rush to gets photos done for Blue. I mean she even had one photo and still didnt have thems ready and thanks to Maggie and Mitch we all readys had the idea for the plate so she didnt even have to get her silver or is that grey brain cells working. But no teddies, so first off you haves our limosene, its silver.

Ands Mums found these in the pantry thats she once used to put on cakes till she cracked a tooth, they were a bits out of date so nows they all gone into our tummies buts she didnt gets a photo as she was to slow.

This is Ailsa showing her silver face. Ok !! yous have to use your imagination buts she says shes nots grey so she must be silver.

And the plate. Thankyou Maggie and Mitch.

If you wants to play along go along to Blues place and let her know. Next week its PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness month!,

Thursday, 1 October 2009

True Colour Thursday

This week is RED as in berry, as usuall mums left it to last minute as in today. We didnt get much done on our blog at all this week, Mums being slack, All the cleaning ups we did last couple of weeks in the garden was all replaced on the weekend when we had lots of wind that brought down branches alls over the place. Lots of people losted there lectricity an we live at the back ofs woop woop so we didnt haves any for two days. buts we do have lots of fire woods as a row of trees went down like skittles in ours bush. Most of the flowers are tattered but giving there last bit of buity were these berry red tulips.
and on one of the leaves was this cute red lady bird
Mums hasnt gots a red teddie and thought she better not cheat again with a ribbon so you gots me with Flash
Mums is hopeing thats one day this plate will break as its getting harder to thinks of things to put on it. so you got the last of last seasons jam.
If you wants to play along go along to Blues place and let her know. Next week is Silver, Now I know Mums got at least one ready for next week so she shouldnt have any excuse.