Thursday, 24 September 2009

True Colour Thursday

The weeks are going to fast. Last weekend we had a birfday dinner for our skin sis, we didn't have enough blue and yellow candles so its one for 10 and some single years. Ailsa is helping stick them in., we wasnt allowed any cake cause it was a chocolate one.

Mums doesnt have a blue and yellow ted so she put a yellow ribbon on Bluey
And all that was left of the cakes when all the greedy humans ate its all.

If you want to play True Colour Thursday go over to Blues site and let her know. Next week is RED

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Yum Yums

One end.

His an hers.

an other end is just as good, after we get most of the meats off we swap just in case the other has a better bone, usually they are just the same as Mums always gets two making sure they are the same size and has them cut in the middle then we get the big end one day and the the smaller end another.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

True Colour Thursday

Todays colour is GOLD as in Autumn's golden glow. Hmmm, Its Spring. Now why didn't we take photos then. You may of noticed by now that our world revolves inside our fence line and wereas Mums would quite easily go around taking snaps of everything when she goes into town Dads is a bits shy so you first gots us, can you see our angel wings, they have a golden glow. Mums could of painted our buster cube gold.

Here we are again from the weekend when we was helping clean up again, laying in the golden sunshine, since we havnt see much of it lately we gots to make the most of it, see the chook, she's golden, she's gots lots of names, full one is Recalcitrant, sometimes Recalt, Wanda, or ****, shes a free spirit so except for feed times doesnt stay with the other chooks, she sleeps in the fir tree at night.

This is the bottle brush growing by the shed. sometimes the parrots get into it and chomp up the brushes.

Mums got this teddie from the Opp shop. She needs a better coller an she hasnt a name yet.

Now then, we dont have a teddy this week, ands I know your wondering whys we have a photo that isnt gold buts you gots to use your imagination. This is Ailsa and my shed. But as you see it gets used by someone else, nots only that as it is Spring, buts they even stayed with us the last two winters. Mums doesnt recon it will stay up long enough as its allready craking up and look.

And even closer.
And under the nest is the mess they makes of our house. Its been to wet for Mums to clean it out for us, an once again is me whos a bits golden.

And here its morning tea time fors Mums, Dads, Ailsa, Burtie and me.
If you wants to play True Colour Thursday go and let Blue know, next week its BLUE & YELLOW together.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Big Hunt

We was going on our afternoon walk on our hill when we spotted a wabbit running ups there so I tooks off after its. This is me on the hill. Ailsa is checking the rushes as she likes to go thro the tunnals pwetending shes a big game hunteres

I founds a wabbit hole so I stuck my heads in to see if its was home.

It was a bit small so I knocked on its door.

The hole sort of gots bigger

And bigger

Anyways I wasn't getting any further cause its had a tree root ins the way so I gave my sis a call cause shes better at digging than me.

She came a tooks a look
and checked out the size

before getting into it

It wasnt long before she had dug and bits that root out

Anyways it was at that time as I was waiting her her to give me a turn thats I found it on the other side of the bump.


oh well it was fun while it lasted and its getting a bits dark so we had a discushin abouts leving it till tomorrow then headed to the dams to wash our paws and headed for home.

Me waitin for Ailsa
And off home.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Just Thinking

Fill the bag stuffies

Do you alls have rituls with your stuffies. Mums gets most of mines from the opp shop she works in ands when theres mountains of stuffies she puts them for a "fill the bag sale", its at that time I gets a choice as she usually buys a bag full for me ands whats I dont want goes to her friend down the road. Buts other times if she sees one she thinks is dogie safe and that I will like it she buys its. Anyways when she comes home I always see if shes gots a stuffie for me, I checks the bag to if she doesnt hand me one and sometimes its not for me buts for her but I insist on taking it, anyways its got to be such a habit of me looking for my stufffie its come to my attention that sometimes I seem to be brining in the same one. Nows I checked and I havnt got two the same of any so I'm going to have to watch shes not cheating me out of stuffies.

Now when I was a little boy I used to chew and unstuff all my stuffies. I used to behead thems. Buts I'm goods now and just cuddle and carry thems around buts I dont like noisy stuffies, you know the ones thats grunt or squeek, Wilmot at Rainbow loved noisy ones, somtimes I likes to greet peoples with them. or whens Ailsa and Dads is playing with the silly red laser light I think is stupid I graps one of my stuffies to gets Dad to play with it instead.

Ailsa doesnt play with stuffies much except to tug of war with me buts she doesnt play thats much now. But she does have one special teddie, I gots one the same buts a differant colour. she tooks the nose of hers and I took the eyes off mine, we gots them from under the Christmas tree whens I was little. we never take the others teddie, they stay in our nigthtime beds. sometimes when Mums is cleaning them up we might pick up the others ted just to annoy buts we never harm them.

I picked this one and Ailsa gots the beatle bear cept she droped it in a puddle so it needed washin again, Mums insists on washing thems before we can have thems full time to take on the beds and things.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

True Colour Thursday

Well, its Thursday again, This week was one of Mums favourit colours buts we didnt haves much time to finds stuff this week as we working ins the garden getting rids of all the branches and stuff before new stuff starts to grow, we hads 3 days withouts rain so its good to be out.

Its is there in my mouth, a mauve teddie, my teddie.
This is mums teddie, I nots allowed to touch this one. Mums gots lots of teddies, sometimes she cans be quite shelfish.

And the plate, ans she wouldnt give me any if its eithers, you know whats I just said, its true.

If you want to play along drop into Blue's place and let her know.

Next weeks colour is
GOLD as in Autumn's golden glow

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Flashback Tuesday (5)

Or here before Blogging photos.
This week is Mandy. We dont have a lot of photos of her she wasnt a dog who liked having her photo taken and of course in her day it was the slow have to take to be developed ones, She came into our lives about 1978, she was about 9 months old, kids then 3 and 6 were not to keen on her as she was very mouthy and just wasnt Udo, it took awhile but she proved herself to have very special talents, one being tracking, not sure if they found that good or bad but there was no hiding from her, she proved a very wise, careing and adaptable dog who took house moves and traveling in her stride, because of town living she was an only dog for the first half of her life but being in town she had plenty of other dogs to play with.

This chair was in this house when we bought it. Its been the DOGs chair for many many years and still exists, but on the veranda. Theres always been a bit of an "ownership" about it, at the moment it belongs to Ailsa. This was taken about 1986
A town dog she may of been but she loved country life, she did eventually learn that furry creatures where not for her entertainment. She discovered a large grub that she would sniff and dig out, she would stand beside us when ever we were digging in the garden to grab them eventually the youngsters she had to keep her company also learned to like them, none of the dogs who did not have her lead has ever eaten them. We used to have strawberry plants around the garden but never had a strawberry off them till the day she died then we couldn't eat them as it was to sad that we had them, she could eat a bucket of apples at a blink of on eye, she would go through the fallen walnuts and know what ones had a nut in the shell, tomatoes were devoured, just on the turn, not to red but past the green. She would pluck all the blackberries without getting a scratch, found a couple of mineral spots that she would eat the dirt from, a trate passed on to each of her followers. She had heartworm TWICE, yes she was been given medication, we couldn't work out how she would of got it, she was treated successfully but a few months latter on another move we were packing her bed and down in the crease were all the tablets, we never figured out how she kept them in her mouth so long.

This is Lamby, one of many Lambs she cared for, we would give them there bottles but she looked after them, washing them, checking on them in there pens, she would be seen walking across the paddock with her "babies" following behind her.

And this pair, well they never met Mandy but both eat the soil at her mineral patches.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Dads day in Garden

Hope all the Aussie Dads had a good Dads day today, for once it wasnt raining, it was a bit cool but Ailsa and I helped/directed the humans clean up some of the twigs and branches so we coulds run around wivout tripping up in a tangle of rubbish. Dads cleaned ups Tara's garden first, we thots we was going to have BBQ buts we didnts, thats was a bits confusing buts we dids have morning tea there. I hurts Ailsa as I was running round with a branch I was clearing ups and it hits her so thens I run around and around her buts she just stod there refusing to play then whens I wasnt looking she pounced me, anyways this is some of the time we spent working ands then running round the piles. OK I was running round the piles.

This is me checking out some of what needs clearing ups.
and this lot cause its were we lay to watch the humans cook sausages so it needs clearing!!

Tara's Garden, all cleaned ups, Tara is under thats tree and Wilmot, Tanya and Jessie are just behind the rocks.
Ailsa waiting for the BBQ thats didnt happen.

Mes helping clean ups

Bringin more rubbish
See I a fast worker
Buts then i gots carried away with the thrill of the run

Wheeeee over I go
Come on Ailsa. I didnt mean to hits you
Commmmmmmmmmme on

Then lets play bitie face
OH oh
Ok, times out, weres nots as young as we once was.
Thens we went in and dads lit the fires as even thou its one week to Spring its still cold and damp, an I was telling hims how much we loves him nots just on Dads day.