Thursday, 24 December 2009

True Colour Thursday

Hi' Alls
It must be christmas, the big trees thats in a pot has comes inside. Ailsas and Me's gotta goes round it to gets to our beds. See.... Today the colour for Blue is COLOURFUL

Mums and Skins Sis has been making stuff to eats. It's alls about foods at our house for christmas, But Mums says we can't haves the chocolates ones, cos they's bad.

Mes and Ailsas would like to thanks you all for our fantastic card collection. Wes got more cards thans Mums and Dads. Dads said it was like he was the woofa collecting cards for his boss!
Thers, wiv ours.

Skin sis making rocky road, the smell is bliss

Lots of plate and our Mums says not to play wiv the food, not as if we woulds but someone should tells skin sis she should shair

Mums didnt eat thems all after all. just the yellow ones she did manage to leave the red ones for Christmas.

Mums Christmas snowman collection cause she cant have real snow

Mums made us some treats with the left over pastry.

Alls was sleeping not a sound in the house.

Buts can you see whats santa lefts us

Have a goods Christmas, next weeks colour the last for the year is 31/12/09 PINE GREEN.


  1. Wow, you DID have a good Christmas. Your cookies look really good.

    I'm glad that you even got some nap time too!

  2. What a grrreat and pawesome post!

    Tank woo fur sharing your special HOWLiday stuffs!



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