Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tasmanian Goshawk

These picurs are specily for Khyra's mum, we have a cover over our veg patch to keeps the possums froms pinching thems.  Mums spotted it from the bathrooms window ans was fraid it had its foots caught, but it didn'ts, its was just havin love afair with a pwatend eagle mums had in there to stop the birds eating our raspberries.  I's do a good job of keeping the lions froms our place buts the wildlife really do take advantage of my resting time.
Me trying to rest

From the gate. Can U see it.

In Love

Still not leaving

If looks could kill


  1. OH MY!

    What a stunning raptor!

    We have two Cooper The Hawk pikhs to share on Friday - CTH was in my tree fur a brief spell - I was outside and Mom saw him/her land and khwikhkly turned on the flashie beastie and got a few shots through the porch window prior to him/her moving on -

    Thanks SOOOOOO much fur sharing!


  2. Whoa! We don't think we want to mess with that birdie! He looks angry but he is very beautiful!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. We have covers over our veg too - not sure how much use they are though.

    I do like your new chair. I wouldnt let anyone sit on it though. You never get them off. Be warned.



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