Friday, 17 June 2011

Ailsa checking in

Hi everyone.
Ailsa here. We thought it was time I said hello, as you know Brodie was the one that did most of the chatting as he was the kid in the family.   I spend a lot of time just laying around, as I can't run around any more as my legs forget what way they should be going but I still love to walk s-l-o-w-ly around the garden. I was 13 on May 11 so I have excuse to go slow.
Walking round garden with Burtie
My day is, sleep, eat, have tablets, walk round garden sleep, have tablets, eat sleep well you gets the idea, Mums said its a wonder I don't rattle.
My morning tablets
Mums been trying to get a good photo of me but as soon as she clicks the button I put my head down.   she thought it might be the flashy but thinks I hear it click as she tried putting flashy thing off but made no difference.
As you will see from the photos I've taken up Bros spot in the kitchen to keep an eye on food preparation.  I still have the bed under the kitchen table that was put there when I was sick, I use that in the daytime.

I sleeps a lot
ON the news front, I've heard them talking about some dog thats might be coming to live with us, she's a long long way away, she has a big road trip that has to be organised and thens she will be puts on one of those big birds that swallow you up and make loud noises then spits you out at some other place,.  I know all abouts big birds as when I was a pup I was put on one and they lost me so I have always been frightened of noise, then Mums and Dads will take a drive and bring her to live with us.
Bone munching off the sheet thats suppose to keep my bed clean.
I drinks LOts of water now so its been moved into the kitchen.

 Burtie is fine, doesn't have Brodie to cuddle up to so is hassling mums a bit but he did see that there are a lot of look a likes on the computer so might start a club.

 I'll hate to tell the new girl when she arrives  but ALL the beds are mine, I uses them all at different times of the day,  she wont get here for week or so as she has just had operation.  She has a family that loves her buts for her own safety she had to be rehomed so mums found her through rescue, she has to learn to live in a house, just as long as she knows the beds are mine. 

 Will let you know if or when "Tess" arrives.


  1. Hi Alisa! Nice of you to stop in :) Tess is beautiful, congrats!


  2. Hi Alisa
    It is so good to see you. Your eyes are so kind.. I feel your soul.
    It okay to walk slow,, and eat and sleep,, its all okay....I do that too sometimes.
    Your new friend is gorgous

  3. You've earned your right to move slowly, Alisa! I'll be 13 in a couple of weeks and I find that it's nice to meander along.
    We are so happy that Tess is coming to live with you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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