Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Times flies

Ailsa here
 Opps sorry, time flies when your having fun.  Well what can I say,  the kid is doing well, can be a bit defiant sometimes but as I've trained the humans well they should expect this from time to time from us,   were still having home alone problems though since I'm with her she's not actually alone and we get given a kong and have soft music playing buts who knows whats goes on in her little red head.  The shedbedroom is down to a reduced sized bed, no mattress, it got turned 4 times before it ran out of corners,  1 pillow (was 6) 0 donnas (was 2)  1 blanket (was 4) and a few remnants. I keep telling her the pillow is MINE,  we know theres some new stuff as she managed to get one of the drawers a bit open and get the corner of a new blankie out and chewed it off except it wasn't the corner but the middle of the edge so its  bin made into a coat as she shaped the neck right, isn't she clever (NOT), makes her own dog coats, the shed toy bin is down to a couple of chew rings and 1 soft toy ball.   
Home alone
She's doing well on drops and sits and stuff but isn't good on the lead as she zig zags, she is very touch sensitive so mums is thinking harness, she was going to get one she read about called Walkeez buts none of the places that used to sell them seem to have full size range and even though Teesh is still skinny she is very deep chested so gots to have quite a large one but in most harnesses that means the rest of it is to bigs.  Mums thinks they may of gone out of production so will have to do some more research to find something else nice and soft, she has been allowed in the padock with me as long as she has her long line on so a harness woulds be better with that.  mums tied a small kong on the ends of it so I played chaise with it cause the twit was running around.
Pleazzzze, lets me OFF.
recall pwactice
moving pretzal
sniff sniff sniff
more sniff sniff
Butter wouldn't melt in HER mouth
Mums is now taking her to dog club as theres more dogs and people around, she can't goes every week as its on the day skin sis comes to visit or Mum ands Dad goes to visit her. I don't goes as I get upset in the car now but I'm quite happy to stay ats home.  I do quite miss the entertainment I bin getting lately as Teesh goes as she loves the car.   She still wont play with toys, balls or stuffies. Mums made some throw toys with pockets in them to fill with treats, they are good funs. I likes them, geesh she's thick,  (thats teesh nots mums) I tolds her, stay dumb thens I gets all her treats.   bye for now  woofs, Ailsa


  1. you both are very beautiful


  2. What a sweet new header picture! We love it!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Hi, it is me Tweedles
    Thank you for your sweet comments and for visiting me.
    I came to see you and think you are soo beautiful


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