Thursday, 10 November 2011

Erics Farewell

 Today Ailsa, Merlin and I were left in our various pens as Auntie Joan, Mum, Dad, Skin sister and a couple of Uncle Eric's friends saw him off on his last journey.  Dads was a bit worried as he sometimes gets a bit sea sick and the weather had promised 3 metre swells and high winds but Uncle Eric must of been keeping watch as it was a lovely morning and not too choppy for them while they were out on the water.   He spent many many years helping dogs and there humans.  He was in his young days in the Merchant navy,  In his retirement he volunteered at the  Devonport Maritime Museum so as a tribute they hoisted the flags to see him off, a great honour as the flags are about a hundred years old.  They could be seen fluttering in the wind as the "George" went out to sea to set him off on his last voyage.

Merlin and Teesha


  1. What a beautiful sendoff. And what a lovely tribute that they hoisted the flags. Your Uncle Eric sounds like he was a wonderful person. We are sorry for your loss and send you our thoughts and prayers. Peace.

    Suka and K

  2. Looks to have been a great way to say goodbye :) Misery's Uncle Harry was in the British merch too.

    Pleased to see that lovely pic of Merlin and Teesha though (see I said he wasnt really bad at all).

    Hope things are ok for everypup over there.


  3. Thanks fur sharing those special memories with us!



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