Thursday, 15 November 2012

Home Alone

Still gots my first dollie
Not sure ifs I like being alone. I nevers been alone since I gots to my forever home, you mights wemember whens I come to live here I would wrek everything and pull stuff apart an climb out of pen so Ailsa an me would gets put in the shed with a door ons, they didnts have a door ons the shed befores and its been theres for ever. whens I didnt have to stay home Ailsa woud go in the pen to buts well they didnts trust me as I might gets out.
Me not done nothing
Anyways I was getting quites good and only used to unstuff an odd toy or pull rip any blankie Ailsa was laying on to try gets her to play.  SO this week is the first time I bin left in the shed whens Mum and Dads went out cause Dads had operation same time Ailsa went to Rainbow bridge so I stayed home to look after him when Mums went out.

cept rearange a bits
 Anyways they BOth wents out as dads much better so whens they come home things don't look bad, I rearanged the bed a bit but all was in one piece, I dids think I gots away with it.  Mums was a bit upset, said I was back to square one what ever that means,  and I heard banging come from the shed so think its bin fixed but don't have photo yet. 
Well!! its is the way outs.


  1. Oh being home alone is no fun but I am sure you will get used to it

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. I think it would take time to get used to being alone- and its always good to rearrange things a bit to make it more comfy.


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