Monday, 31 December 2012

Planting of Chrisy

Telling Chrisy tail
A long time ago in the year of Mandy and baby Wilmot there was a tree, about  12 inches tall,  it was bought because Mums and dad had just bought this place for a weekender and a place to call home when they needed it, something that happened 14 months latter. 

Mum and the kids came here a week early and Dad was to arrive on Christmas eve when Mums went to get him and Baby Wilmot, cept he didn't have a name then.  Since Dad wasn't getting here till Christmas eve and the big tree was at the other house  Mum felt they had to have another tree at least for Christmas day so thats how the little tree became part of there lives starting as a table decoration.

Over the years it grew and went into bigger and bigger pots till its last decorated Christmas of 2011 when it was getting to big to get in through the door without braking and it was getting to heavy for dads since he is also 26 yrs older then when it first arrived.
So on Thursday Chrisy as she was named was buried hmm planted as both skin kids were here and it was part of there lives for so long and I have had one Christmas under it and lay under its shade when it was on the veranda.
Skin kids digging hole while we made lunch.
Turkey sandwitches
Ate mine
Waiting for more
Bringing the tree from the house, cant see me cause I'm wiv mums taking photo
not turkey
Tree arrived
Sis took this pic and I had to tells MUm they broked the pot
Dad putting Chrisy in the hole (they not looking but sheep up this way)
Me supervising, these things gots to be done right

Dave filling the hole
Gots to protect it from the sheep, Now thats a job I can do.
OK, nows I'm getting board,
Making sure they do its right
Kids and me having a guinness


  1. Deew teesha and Buwtie

    Thank yoo fow visiting me. You aw sweeties. That little(umm, big) Chwisy is vewy speshul. I love the stowy and that she gets to be pawt of all yoow lives fuwwevew
    I hope you have q most wondewful, healthy and happy New Yeaws
    Smoochie kisses

  2. What a neat story! We hope the sheep are kind.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly


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