Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Delta photos

front on
Some of us gots together so as we could gets some photos to make into bookmarks and magnets, its was so hot on the day and mums gots all red and burnt but I dids gets to play with my friend Sammy, I'ms not very goods at playing but we dids ends up doing chaseys.  Sammy an I have done a couple of gigs together and we only gets to sit down and be well behaved at those so it was fun to be off lead together. 
lay down
right side
left side
another left side

Kate the Collie
Domino and Storm
 They forgot to bring there bandanas so had to borrow ours. think they need feeding.
 This is best friend Sammy

Me and Sammy

Telling jokes to pass time
Storm the whippet
Sammy board and he runs off with his bandana
Sammy thinks its all hilarious


  1. I think it looked like you were having lots of fun!

  2. Great photos! When you get a chance, can you send me an email? I've got a couple questions for you.


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