Saturday, 15 February 2014

Trying to restart

Its been very difficult to get this blog going again. I love to visit you all and see what you have all been up to,  its not that Teesha never gets up to anything, well not to much but it really is the dogs blog,  everything is said tongue in cheek yet…. well the dogs aren’t really writing it are they ..or well it really depends on the dogs.

Brodie was the one who started it. Ok it was his skin sis and I, but it was through the eyes of Brodie, fact is he was a clown, it was easy to project what would be his thoughts.  Ailsa put in her bit, she was miss prim, always keeping an eye out never missing a thing, then there was Burtie the overseer always there with one or the other. They were a team, one by one they left us.

Ailsa and Burtie took Teesha into the fold showed her around and helped her settle in, it was amazing to watch how they cared for each other and how gentle Teesha was as Ailsa became more frail. Burtie never fully recovered from Ailsa’s crossing but he kept to his routine of never missing morning tea and following the sun, then one day he sounded a bit chesty, the big C had got him.

Teesha loves to run and given the chance, chase,  cuddles her toys, has a preference for pinks and lime greens, she at sometime or other had her spirit broken yet is  pure gentle love that she spreads out to everyone she meets,  she doesn’t play, she has meal time problems, she never barks or makes any but the quietest  noise, shaking hands is her only trick, she has separation anxiety, she’s a little princess, not quite as easy to project as the clown.

When Burtie passed on, the mice moved in, fed by the biscuits the princess drops around the place, along came Bindie, a cat with tortatude, you can see how we decided on her name, she was a rescue at the vets were she was a rescue from a drowning, if it moves its prey, including the princess's tail, we have great fears her time is limited should the snake scarers not work. She and Teesha have come to a mutual agreement, 18 months of teaching Tesh not to chase has been undone by a cat who actually entices  her to.

We will try to keep you updated on what we are doing, not sure if anyone visits anymore but no matter, it will be a reminder of the things they do.
The Mum


  1. Teesha! I live with two older dogs with whom I smile very gentle. I am a rescue, full of love. I font know what I'd do with a cat!! It's nice to meet you. I'm Otto!

  2. We've never lived with a kitty before - heck, Molly has never met a kitty before but we both know how to shake hands, Teesha!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. I continue to struggle with blogging since my mastiff, Mango, passed away almost 18 months ago. He was my muse. Dexter is a great dog, but he just doesn't seem to do blogable stuff the way Mango did. That said, I want to post more for myself. I love being able to read back through old posts and look at photos. So hang in there.

    Mango Momma

  4. Do you have a phone? good. With a camera? even better. Now just point and shoot! You're bound to take some really hilarious pictures of the clan. Hahaha.

    It's nice to meet you.


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