Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Garden walk or Bunny hunt

Mums is not helping, our drasticly serouse talk is nots working, so we hasnt been getting new pictures, Anyways at the moment we lots oddles of wabbits running round the place, we ares allowed to chasey wild ones just not Mums and Dads white ones. We nots as good at catchin thems as Burty but he doesnt eats them so he gives them to us. we serched alls over the garden but didn't catch anys but we dids lots of sniffin.

This is starts of our walk. its jus bout end of Spring and the snowball tree is snowing.

This is the start of our sniffin hunt

defnatly been one here cause thers bunny fudge around.

Cheking out the grotto.

Burtie joined the hunt

I wents up and down this path for ages buts only found some possum poo.

Recalt came along to

Checking out "Tara's Garden"

Me telling mums she better not be to busy to put our photos up for yous.

Burtie getting rhodo stickies on his paws so hes shaking it as he walks, it looks funny.

Ailsa said one hads been in here buts I thinks she fibbin.

She ashored me she wasn't that her nose never lies.

So I hads a really good looks but Nuthin.

Getting despret had to call renforcments so recalts boyfriend came along. North, South , East and West wabbit knows which way is best, an its not in our mouths.

Back to the house

Nows wes tired so need sleepys.


  1. That was still a great hunt - we loved following you along. Hope you all had a good nap.

    woos, the OP Pack

  2. Wow, that is a very pretty yard. You are lucky that you get to play there!

  3. I was soooooo hoping woo got some bunny!

    Tank woo fur sharing the beaWOOtiful purple flowers!



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