Saturday, 23 May 2009


We's all preperd, this weekends it firesworks an it seems theys makes a lots of nois with bangs and wizes and frighten doggies likes us, its in alls the papers as a warning to humans to portects thers furkids, Ailsas was reading bouts it.

Our humans says we dont have to worries as were safe from its all but we decidid were not takin any chances, anyways we gots daddys safty stuff alls redy just in case, well I ams redy anyways.


  1. Love the googles and ear muffs LOL classic!

  2. Fireworks can be scary. I am glad you are prepared. I hope you get some nice outfits from the dog shirt lady. She is really nice and called us all the way from Wisconson (or however you spell it) to help with our measurements.


  3. Hehehe, we love the photo of you in goggles and Ailsa reading up. We could do with a couple of ear muffs for Donny and Trixie. Donny's frightened of storms and Trixie fireworks. The rest of us are ok ... so far!

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

  4. Do the doggles and ear protection really work? I HATE fireworks and I wish they were never invented!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. BOL! Looks like you are ready. I don't mind fireworks so much but if they were really close then it may be a little scary. Tell Ailsa Happy belated birthday from me! :)



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