Friday, 1 May 2009

Seek and Find

It hards to find thins when its rains, be wes looked and looked an ventuly we founds it, parantly thes likes the rains. Mums said we have lots more ifs I didt trys etin whats shes calls tadpols sinc thats whats they chang into, frogs. sees, when dams fulls it has these little black things swimmin in it, nows I dont swim, thats for fishes, Ailsa shes just dos little swims whens its real hots other tims she just walks in to her chest. i justs stands with my feets ins water and all these tadpols swims aron my feets ands I sters at thems and withouts thems looking I lowes my head and suddly I bits the waters and catches them. I cants tells you if it s tase like the goldsfish I ates as nobdys supose to knows.

Shee seeks it here, Is seeks it thers.
Wes seeks thats dams frogs everyweres

Anyways sees you latter
Brodys and Ailsa

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