Tuesday, 3 November 2009

They went out.

Its seems thats not only haves I had to have serous discushoin withs mums buts Skin sis has also hads talks with her, skins sis has bin tripsing around the mainland for a few weeks and it seems when she needed puppy fix she woulds visit my blog ands you know what!! I hadnt updated it much cause Mums was to busy alls the time. . Satsdays the sheeps got sheared thens on Sundays real early mums and dads went outs, nows when theys went they said we couldnts go cause dogs were nots allowed so we wasnt to pleased whens they gots home and we coulds smell one on thems, this is it !!!!, donts know its name but it seems its at the Deloraine craft fair they go to every year, it sits outside the tent were its dad has a wood turning stall.

Anyways after we tolds them off big time by pushing and shuffing our snouts all over thems to say there was no points telling fibs as wherever they had bin there was dogs !! thens we founds this bag,

now Ailsa is the bag girl so she tooks over the search and we /she founds crunchys,

she pulleds the bag out and opened its up so we gots some before Mums rescued them an she was being naughty gobbling thems and not shairings an they have to last us a while as they sometimes cants get them ands we love them heaps.

this is rescude ones on top of fridge, top bucket is whats we had left from when they wents to agfest an the bottom one and bag is our new ones, they will have to last till skin sis goes to Hobart.

Whens mum took the crunchys away Ailsa checked the bag again ands there was more. BIG BOYs nows we only usely gets them as specils like bifdays buts they were a you bin good suprise for us. AILSA !!! ONE OF THEMS IS MINE. For Christmas we wants a Whopper

Thoughts she was going to take the lots

Ailsa mumnching hers and me taking mine to puter room.

getting the wrapper off

YUmm yums


  1. Those cookies look yum yum delicious. The tall guy hides my treats in the cabinet so I can't get to them, but soon I will figure out how to use the ladder and then they will all be mine!

  2. So your humans cheat on you too!?!? Sheesh, what good are humans anyway.

    Nice score with the treats. Looks like much yummies.

    Hoover BPD

  3. Our snooters know where the good stuff is!



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