Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ailsa and Brodie update

Ailsa on Sunday.
Things plod along at the house, its a bit like a roller coaster, one minute there up, next down, if its not one its the other.  I took a Brodie urine sample to the vets on Friday and once more it showed blood,  getting him to eat and drink is a problem,  he is back on another lot of antibiotics and Macrolone, the tests seem to point to Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. 

Ailsa was not so good on Sunday and at one stage I did wonder if I should make that dreaded phone call, she has an appointment tomorrow (Monday). I think they have a pact to get sick on weekends, more points for after hours.    Her bad turns are getting more frequent but is a happy soul in the good times,  big problem is keeping her quiet when she is as she over exerts herself but who are we to stop her living the life she loves. I'm not sure she would be happy if kept restrained.   But if she leaves I'm not sure Brodie will pull through and I'm not sure I could stand the pain of losing the two of them.
Tonight, keeping mums company
We have searched every inch of the place but can't find anything they could of got into,  the only variable is the dog biscuits, a new bag a few days before they got sick so have bought a different type for when they do now eat, veg are all home grown organic and meat is human grade as most pet grade has preservatives and that nutralises Ailsas thyroid tablets,  test don't show the possibility of snake bite, only thing I haven't had checked is the water as were on bore, its possible that both getting sick at the same time is just a coincidence but both had there check up a couple of weeks before and apart from Ailsa having arthritis and Brodie being a bit over weight both were well and healthy.

Yesterday it was Ailsa's vet check, she was a bit more perky, she in't carrying so much fluid but has washed out to much salt from her system, probably didn't help her arthritis, she has more diuretics but at a reduced rate and a repeat of her heart meds. she has tablets to help clear the congestion on her chest, I also picked up some tablets for Brodie to help stimulate his appetite as he's not eating well and needs to or his Macrolone will give him tummy upsets.
Glad most of there tablets come in different colours,
Today, has been good but the roller coaster ride we have had for close to three weeks means I'll just go with the flow.  What will be will be.  I would like to think they have turned the corner but we have had good days then next moment one or the other is down again.  Age means that Ailsa will never get fully better but she deserves to live her old age in comfort. But yes today has been good.


  1. You have been in our thoughts -

    And yes, what will be will be -

    We'll keep thinking PAWSitively!

    Khyra and Her Mom

  2. We are still sending healing vibes your way


  3. What kind of biscuits did they eat when they got ill? I have also heard of dogs getting sick after rabies vacinations. I hope they are better soon. I know your heart aches for them.

  4. Well, I hope that things start looking up for you really soon! I understand about the pets getting sick on the weekend. That seems to happen a lot!

  5. We continue to send lots of AireZen your way. We hope that both of you start to have more "up" days soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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