Thursday, 14 April 2011

OUr update

  Resting after walk around  the garden.
Hi Guys, Brodie here.  I's feeling real goods today, not quits my mischeviouse self ands I still a little bits off my foods ands my poos are still a little orange ands I still having little blue pills buts todays I wanted to goes out for a walk ands I took interest in things an well I just felt a bits better.  

No its not his coat, if there going to buy at sales you'd think they put some flowers on it.

Ailsa to is much better, she eating as wells ands SHE was naughty cause she went walks about and mums had to go looks for her an SHE was in the chooks place, mums yelled at her so she must of bin feeling better for mums to yell ats her, she didnt listen buts so mums had to go turn hers around and aways from the chookes cause she woulds eats fudge given chance  I wasn't naughty so missed outs. 

Ailsa in chooks place

Burtie taking Ailsa for walks,
Dads came home froms town and he hads gots us some chicken wings,  ands we ate some, last weeks we woulds of sniffed thems and turned away.  We still drinking lots and piddling lots and gets tired quickly and mums watching very carefully in case our tummies get big and she still keeps lookings in my mouth to check my gums. 
Thats my tail wagging

Ailsa still eating hers, me asking for more.
Thanks you all for keeping us in your thoughts, we hope we have happy play photos for you soon, just not quite there yet, we slept the rest of the whole day.


  1. glad to hear you guys are doing so much better!


  2. Well, please keep getting better!! Every day!! As a matter of fact, it would be nice if you would get so much better, that you would get chicken wings every day!

  3. What great news to see!

    I SO hope woo've turned the khorner!


  4. I am happy to hear you are a little betters.
    I want you to get 100 percent better....

  5. Gosh! I am so sorry I missed all your poorlinesses. I am sending you both some very belated healing thoughts and stuffs like that.

    It is not nice being poorly, I know, but I got better and so will you two.



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