Monday, 19 December 2011

Still clearing desktop folder

Sitting pretty
Cant a girl have a bit of peace without that damn flashy thing getting in the face

Ailsa trying to catch the lazer light. Its her favourite game but I cant see the point in it
Curlie sleeps, I did have more curlie sleeps but they wouldn't upload.
Pretzil sleeps

Play time with dad
Our bed, Not skin sis bed but we had to shaire as all beds were taken.
Aparently skin sis was staying another night so I was  just staking my claim since it is our doggie computer room bed after all and she does have her own bed but someone else was using it. I'm just saying you know youd think it was an honur for the guest to be given OUR bedcouch, I mean we could of let her use our night beds then she could of curled just like me.



  1. I do the pretzil sleep position too! Mom can't imagine how it could possibly be comfy but it is, right, Teesha?!

    Love ya lots,

  2. How can she sleep light that and not wake up with a creaky back

    Stop on by for a visit


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