Friday, 10 April 2009


Today's easter Friday and my skins sister's here and no-one gave me any eggies. Mums did cook a lovely dinners that had fish. I's like fish! Skin Sister gave me and Ailsas a bit of her fish from her plate. We thoughts it must be christmas. She never feeds us froms her plate! Skin Brother was ere too with his girl. They's bought Mums and Dads lots of plants. Plants is outside the back doors and I's felt theys needed to be watered........ So I dids it for them. I's such a goods and fogutfuls boy! Ailsa is in her baskets. She needs to snooze after all's the fish that she'd dreaming about for dinner tonight!

Was goona do a new picture but Mums flashing thing is broken so yoouse have to have an old ones of me. This's us on our olds bed.

Nows Is off to chase the chookies! Bye!

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