Sunday, 26 April 2009

I's boards

It's been a funny weekends. Skin sista came to visit yesterdays and she and mums made a human kennel. Ailsas and I thought theys was sillys! Mums and skin sista made me join them in their kennel, but Dads rescued us by taking us into the paddock. We's like the paddock. Skin Sista recons we's can go do this think called camping now. She says I's can ber hers pillow and we's enjoy it. I's dont recon Ailsa's a "Camping" kindas puppy.

Todays, theres is lotsa rains. Ailsas and I's is boards. Mums and Skin sistas been kooking so Ailsas and Mes had to watch. We like watching the kookings! Nothing fell from the bench sos we lucked outs. The rest of the afternoons we slepts, cos we's got nofin to dos when it rains.

This is a picture of Ailsa on the lounge

(Opps Upside down Miss Jane!!!)

and a picture of mes in frount of the fires that Dads lits for us.

Till next time



  1. I's nots sure what's happens here. Skin Sista musta played too much! Looks likes Is gots lotsta says!

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  3. hello brodie and alisa yes its me auntie marie and uncle paul from wales aww you look cute miss giveing you treatswhen your mum and dad not looking say hello to bertie and leave those posoms alone tell your dad its his birthday soon yes i remind him hea a oap lol and not to forget his zimmer frame
    lots of love marie and paul

  4. I don't like rain either....a warm fire or a couch sounds much nicer to me! :)


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