Thursday, 29 October 2009

True Colour Thursday

This weeks colour is Black as in Halloween cept we don'ts do Halloween so I's not sure hows to do that buts I do know black. We missed green last week, ours Mums is being very slack and nots helping us wiv our blog, says she to busy and needs to do Spring cleaning before spring is over and wiv Christmas in a couple of months, an she gots sewing to do !!!! excuses excuses excuses, she also thinks were a bits boring as alls our photos are the same since most times the only times she gots the camera ready is in the house ands thens were sleepies, anyways Ivs had discushoin wivs her and she says she wills try to do better.

This is mes with Black nose having serious discushoin wivs Mums.

This is Ailsa wiv black nose telling me I wasting my time as Humans are no goods at telapathic comunications.

These are little black tadpoles in ours ponds. I is waitng fors thems to change into froggies so I cans chase thems

We donts have a black teddy ands I couldnts find my black monkey, I thinks I left it out side in our dogie pen. these are Black Cocatoos instead, you were going to see thems for green last weeks. they are eating the seedpods on the Banksia Bush by our veranda.

Heres a closer looks. they are very bigs. they fly away and sware ats me when I chase thems off making a big skreeching noise thats I dont like.

And the plate. we alls love licorice ands thats was the only Black thing mums could think ofs to put on its. .

Next weeks colour is CANARY YELLOW, if you would like to join in the fun and chalange of finding each weeks colour go to Blues blog and let her know.


  1. I did miss you last week!
    Black pup noses are good & I enjoyed seeing the Black Cocatoos as never going to find one in my garden.
    Tell Licorice on the plate was inspired!

    Love, pats & pets

  2. No Halloween?? That's just wrong! You should start one and make it 'trick-or-treats for puppies'! :)

  3. We posted our black noses too, guys! Great minds think alike! Mom is drooling over your licorice!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. What GREAT stuff!

    Tank woo fur sharing your blakhk items!


  5. What cool black stuff, and especially the BLACK noses!

  6. Yum! I love black licorice! And, those gazillion black tadpoles! How fun it must be to watch them (for awhile). Great collection of black for this week!

    Mine is at:


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