Monday, 12 October 2009

Our week

We havnt gots up to much this as we had this lot of cleanings up again because of big winds that blew down branches and stuff so we hads another bonfire, I likes bonfires. we hads lovely weather last week buts its raining again now.
We been so rushed off our paws workin um overseeing we are feeling a bits guilty cause we havnts gots to marks our watering spots over the last week buts we have been to visits you.

I also been having trouble gettings Mums to do our blog for us, I keeps telling her thats it will be only wednesday and Thursday again if she doesnt watch it.

Fertalising the grass in the woodpile area we are cleanings up. Its was a lots of hards work cleanings it all up we hads to have lots of rest breaks to keep us going.

Some of you were wondring whats I was ripping ups last wedda, wellll I was saving my mums from eating somthing bads for her, it was a carton of cream, well its wasnt a full one but it still hads lots in it. I found it sitting on the kitchen bench all by itself, so I just hads to take a look ats what it was, Yummmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmmmmys, wells I figured if mums forgots to puts it away I may as wells have it, so i dids

I also helps Mums finish her jigsaw and thens we had lots of sleepies. in fact Mums gots so many sleepies photos of us we may gets her to do a sleepie day.

Ailsa waiting to catch me when i run round bush.

Ailsa hads a sore ear as I actedently bits her, she jumped ups as I was daydremming an I swung round and caught her so she didnt talk to me for a few days buts we all made up now.

Mums was a bits concerned as ailsa kept turnin her back on me evry time I went to see whats I had done, Buts we all frends again cept she tried to hog all the computer chair insted ofs keeping to her side buts we worked it out.

We will try and gets to mark your spot tomorrow.

Brodie and Ailsa

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  1. Woo surely did have some khlean up!

    Nice to see woo again!



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