Thursday, 1 October 2009

True Colour Thursday

This week is RED as in berry, as usuall mums left it to last minute as in today. We didnt get much done on our blog at all this week, Mums being slack, All the cleaning ups we did last couple of weeks in the garden was all replaced on the weekend when we had lots of wind that brought down branches alls over the place. Lots of people losted there lectricity an we live at the back ofs woop woop so we didnt haves any for two days. buts we do have lots of fire woods as a row of trees went down like skittles in ours bush. Most of the flowers are tattered but giving there last bit of buity were these berry red tulips.
and on one of the leaves was this cute red lady bird
Mums hasnt gots a red teddie and thought she better not cheat again with a ribbon so you gots me with Flash
Mums is hopeing thats one day this plate will break as its getting harder to thinks of things to put on it. so you got the last of last seasons jam.
If you wants to play along go along to Blues place and let her know. Next week is Silver, Now I know Mums got at least one ready for next week so she shouldnt have any excuse.


  1. Sorry to hear you've had extreme gales.
    The tulips weathered the storm well.
    And you & Flash look very cosy on the sofa together.
    Had to LOL @ the plate comment, you think finding a cake each week is easy???
    The jam was a yummy choice.

    Love, and pats & pets

  2. Mom is drooling ovfur the last pikh!

    Tank woo fur your great kholour items!


  3. Mmm, that jam look so yummy!
    Cute picture of you and Flash!
    The berry red tulips are very pretty!
    Good job with the True Colors!


  4. excellent choices and I agree... the jam made a clever and yummy looking finale!

  5. Wonderful pictures. Please don't break the plate - I think that's like 2 days bad luck or something! :)

  6. Hey buddies,

    YEs, if your humans ever make it to Melbourne, they MUST come and visit us :) Mum will be coming to Tassie after Xmas - so we will tell her she has to visit you guys !



  7. OMG, we're so sorry that we're so late in commenting, guys! You found awesome berry reds! Mom loves your mom's jam spoon! Hey, it's silver! You're one up already for this week!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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