Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Garden walk

Hi everyones, sorry its bin so long since I got on here. Its bin to cold an wet an thers nots much to talk about withouts photos and
Mums camera wasnt workin so thys thought it might be batry, anyways it was to deer at shop so they gots two off internet, well it works buts its nots batry but the charger so now mums gone flatten the batry cause I wanted new photos so pestered her and now she worried when charger gets heer batry wont be good as its flatted an she read after she had flaten it not to. Anyways I gots some photos of ours morning watering walk roun garden, you will seee we have our noses down a lot as its bin rainin so it was all fresh smells. The fountin is new its goin to have a water dish round it, hope thes put some fish in it to.

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