Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Camera

You know how I was saying that mums camera wasn't working, wells she at last got new one, trouble is she's not very good with it but don't tell her I said so. wes ver patiant, sats there nicely, its nots ours fault if when the flashy thing went off we wers looking in other direction or even in another place, she goto be faster, anyways, she did take some of our backends and we dos hope she get better.
I was looking up, for ages, it wasnt my fault if my head got tired.

Our Burtie, he did look up but yes you guessed it, toooooooo slow

Morning and Ailsa still at it, chooks say they havn't seen any squirrels, mums says she goin to fill the hole up with doggie poo if she keeps diggin .

Thats Charlie, we were talking but she missed it!!

Afternoon feed time. all heding for the chook yard, can you see Ailsa. I think she opsesed

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  1. Hello there handsome Brodie and Ailsa!

    What great photos - even if you pups weren't looking at the camera ...but it sure caught you guys in action. Say, aren't you ever tempted to chase the rabbit and the chickens?

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack


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