Thursday, 11 June 2009

Operation Whack-a-Squirrel

In evnin when we went shut the chooks up, Ailsa founds a hole. Well shes worried, alls this talks about the Squirrel and the army yous got together, she thots theys mit be trying to escape and digs theres way down to Tasmania, she started to digs to catch it but I tolds her not to helps or there be a hole both ends, told her we gots enough to do keeping possums under control withouts her helping thems make escape root. she stoped fors now but every times nobodys looking she has another scratch at the ground.


  1. Night hunting? You are brave. I get a little nervous about what I might encounter in the dark.


  2. Hi Mango. its good fun running in the dark but we don't really go to far, sometimes when were chasin hoppies but we have to stop at the fence, Its the rules!! we have a real big garden so we never really leave home to hunt. the holes getting bigger.

  3. Oooh.....looks like a fun time in the garden! Especially the digging out for those squirrels. :)


  4. Hunt those evil squirrels!!!

  5. You need night vision goggles! :)

  6. Never hunted squirrel before but lizards are fun to catch!! They give a better fight than doves - those are just too easy. Did you catch any squirrels?

    Greetings from Africa,
    Sheba (

  7. Is it scary hunting squirrels in the dark?
    We're in bed at 9PM so we wouldn't know!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Hi frends. we dont mind te dark just so long as mums or dads is around, we dont go outs to far and nots tro the fence or we mights get caught by the sceries in the bush.

  9. Man that looks so fun! I wish I had a garden!

    Brownie Roo


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