Friday, 26 June 2009

Morning walk

We came across this funny thing stuck in the ground. Mums said it was a windsox, looks like somthin to tug about, Ailsa had a good sniff at it as she's a bit more forward in investigations of things, she said it has potential. We were discusing it when Mums came along so we leving it to later.

Ailsa gots left behind in ours walk, goin so fast shes a blur, we gots lots of paths and tracks in ours garden.

She recons I'm hogging the blog but its not my fault if she dosant likes having her photo taken.


  1. Hey I like your idea about digging... but I'm not very good at it. I'll give it a try though. Wonder how long it will take us to meet up??!

  2. What a great garden with tracks and paths! Don't lose Ailsa!
    - C

  3. Hi Tank and Charlie.
    It migth take long time to dig deep enough, even though Im big I dont dig to well. Ailsa gots taght by wilmot sos shes real good cept shes handicaped by the humans who keeps stoping her. I use to looks after my little big sis before she went to the rainbow. shes was blind and deaf, she was always getting lost so would whine and id go get her.

  4. I hope you figured out what that was. It might have been foodables. You should at least try it.


    P.S. Momma is always assisting me with passing grass out my bottom. It is quite upsetting.


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