Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Box of treats.

At last, at looong last they gots some. Our favourite bickies, theys really greyhound bickies but were not fussed we likes them. we bin having them since we was tiny puppies, then the place that made them got burned down then someone else started to makes them, nots as nice an hard but nice alls the same. Then whens our mums went to gets us a new box a couple of months ago she was told these wasnt being made now. wellls we was devistated, she gots some bone shaped things that got swallowed in one crunch ans wasnt as satisfying, wells she knows that cause we didnt sloppers so much. We used to gets a half one before we goes to bed cept these dont have a dint in the middle for her to break so maybe we'lls get a whole one, i'lls tell yous tomorrow. thens we gets one for morning tea and we gets them when they both goes out likes today they both went to hydra therypy what ever that is. Anyways she went to the doggie food wherhouse to gets some more of the bone shaped things and they had our 4by2s (thats whats they called) we was so exited when we saw thems, we help opens the box, mums didnt gets many photos cause she couldn't hold camera and stop us nicking them, thy gets put in a big white bucket and is puts in the cupboard and sometimes when its full we can flip the lid and pinch them, cept nows she puts somting on the lids so we cants


  1. They look good and yummy from here!


  2. Oh my! Those cookies sure look yummy to us and you got a WHOLE box of them!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Darn it....I am confident you will find a new way to get into the treats. :) Don't give up!!



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