Thursday, 2 July 2009

True Colour Thursday (lemon)

We hads so much trouble finding lemon for Blues True Colour Thursday other than the actual fruit. We did think about going to Maggie and Mitch's garden then taking some photos of the computer screen so as to keeps it proper at having my own photos since they had lots of lemon flowers in there garden. Buts we peserverd
It took some serching but down in the bottom of the pile I found pupsical

Then we discovered another set up, glad to say Mums not so clever this time and did not manage to get the pics of us knocking it off the table and Ailsa trying to use the bucket as a buster cube. these are our best ever favorit yummies an our skin sis gets them for us at the Salamanca Market in Hobart so they really are treats as they have to last us a while. Here we are discusing how manys we can eat without gettings found out. The anser it seeems in non buts we did have a few.
An some lemons, they gots made into Lemon Delight pudding an we gots some to as we like lemon puddings.
This is for the car window when we goes for a ride but so far we havn't been in ours new car yets.
And Last the rest of our Sunset.
Next week its Navy, thinks we better start looking soon.


  1. Oh navy will be a challenge! But this made for a nice mellow yellow Thursday. :)

  2. good job Brodie and Ailsa!

  3. Oh no! Not more yucky lemons! I thought you guys were my friends! hehehe
    We have an Airedale on Board sign in our car just like yours!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Our Mom loves lemons she thinks yours look beautiful.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  5. I meet a doggie girl Rhodesian at the dog park today! Then I saw you on DWB´s list. I wanted to come and say hi. I like your blog. Come to my blog sometime.



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