Thursday, 16 July 2009

True Colours Thursday, Peach

Peach teddy, think the other one is living with skin sis, give it time an this one will me MINE, I'mm acctually verys good with my stuffies, the odd eye or nose off but most times I just make them soggy.

WE scourd the whole house and garden for the colour Peach with very little luck. Mums has just said to me, "we didn't check my fabric" well, to bad if she thinks I'm going off with the flashy thing when its very near time for beds shes wrong, we has so little luck finding peach that we finished of the chalange tonight with the purple sky. You will note the rose. Its winter, we dont have any, I like to give them a nibble so when I saw it I just had to have a taste, SHe Twicked ME, it was pawtend, now she hates pawtend flowers so whats she doing twicking me. The spikes are real as to the flower Ailsa and I pull its to bits so then she had to puts it together again for the chalange befores she diped it into food colouring to make it pink just to show shes cheating to. We hads no poppies either but it is in a bed of barly, ok so its in a bail buts its just said bed, an it didnt say anything bout the swan having to be in water which is just as well as its on a wooden base. Hmmm, one oter thing, the flower in the grass, it was standing nice and upright, buts we took ages finding a flower that looked likes it was in grass, we walked the padocks an all around the garden so by the times we founds it I was knackered so as mums got the flashy thing outs I, well I, just layed downs, and um, did a roll, wells I was exited wes had found one, i really didnt mean to squash it. Mums proped its up with a bit of dirt whiles mumbling about Is gots 14 acres to lay down in whys I pick thats spot. Sheshs, hows thats for gratitude, I helped founds it in the first place.

Next weeks colour is emerald, Now Im sure that will be easier. I'll just go surch for froggy. an if you want to join in the fun of True Colours Thursday go an visit Blue


  1. I love your peachy bear but your tale re the poem challenge photo's, had me really LOL.

    I think your mum was exceedingly creative.

    Pats & pets

  2. What a cute peachy teddy! We thought peach was a real challenge too!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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