Sunday, 26 July 2009

My Watering Post GONE!!

Ailsa beside MY tree
Direction of multable daily watering
All I cans say is I'm devistated, I havs nurtered it at least twice every mornings, every mid days, every afternoon, evwery night plus sum for every days of the year thats at least 23,360 at the verrrrry least for 8 years of my life since I lerned to cock my leg up, thens I go out ans what do I finds. NOthin!!!! a hole, a hole were my wonderfull tree stod. Mums mutterd somethin abouts listerine getting hard to gets and she was sure it didnt do the garden goods, wells did I ask hers to keep spraying my fertaliser off alls the time, all is ment I just had to keeps replacing it. Oks I know its got a bit strong on a hot summers day but heck the tree was shady whats her problem. well maybe it got a bit stinky after a light summer shower. ors on a still evening, hummmmmmmmmm, NOPe!! still no excuse. Lok at it, a hole.
Wonder how that tree fern will like a bit of tender lovin care froms me.


  1. OOPS! We're so sorry to hear about your tree, Brodie! Maybe you need to plant a fire hydrant in that spot next!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. We agree!! and we think you just need to move down the row a little to the next bush! Love A+A

  3. It musta been a weak tree or really strong pee!

    Is there a nice rock you could water?

    Hoover BPD

  4. Ahhhhh no, I'm so sorry about your tree!! That is very sad. :(


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