Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sleepy Sunday 1

Well what can I say, nufin, its wet, its bin pouring all weekend, hasnt stoped, now were as i dont mind paddling my paws in the water on a hot sunny day I do nots like wet fallin down from the sky ons me, nither does my Ailsa " do you Ailsa", she hates it, even more then mes ands if I coulds use that flashy thing I coulds show you my mums prising and pushing our Ailsa out to go to toilet, beany bag dog, since mums hasnt scaned any of our vintage pics she was going to do for us you can see whats we bin doing all weekends.
ailsa incognito pawtending to be a stuffie
Warming the brains an thinking of things to tells you cause lifes wet.
My Ailsa in my basket with my teddie, opps my skin sis teddie, but she doesnt want it or she wouldnt leave it for us.
Ailsa pawtending butter woudnt melt on her hot little tounge
Afternoons nap, wes went to looks at full dam, first times it bin full for at least 3 years so nows we gotta rest again.


  1. As my granma would say - it could always be worse! My advice is to go out and just get wet... be one with the rain.

    My comments the last few days have been very "New Age" for some reason... must have something to do with the way the planets are aligned.

    If it makes you feel any better, it's been raining here this morning too.

  2. Hi Guys!!! We are sorry to hear about your rain.... that's no fun especially during the summer!

    Thanks for stopping by our bloggie... we were busy yesterday, but will definetly post today!

    xo sugar & martine

  3. One of my nikhknames in Princess Rain Khloud!

    I love it out there!


  4. Come over and check out what I've given you!

    xo sugar

  5. Hope the wet stuff stops! I DON'T like it either! :) But you both look so CUTE and COMFY! :)


  6. We hope your rain stops soon! We have had more than our share of the wet stuff so we totally understand!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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