Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wordless Wednesday - a day late

Hi All, It's the skin sis here. I got home from work really late yesterday and neglected to post. My appologies to all. Here it is...........


  1. Wondered whats had happend to its. Mums had to put a pic up on CofH and it tooks ages but it dids go up so she will try this ones for me tomorrow. Everybodys might forgets about us otherwise. ams using hers for this comment since she gets lazy somtimes and signs in with us doggy names, Ailsa, Brodies sleeping, hes gots a bad ear.

  2. The flashie beast khaught woo in the middle of SOMETHING!


  3. Sorry to hear you have problems @ the moment regarding photo's - hope it's fixed soon so we can enjoy seeing you again.

    Love, pats & pets


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