Thursday, 13 August 2009

True Colour Thursday

Whos idea was Chocolate brown? Sorry but Mums just cant get past one item relating to that colour. She resisted the urge to drop into Anvers but only because she closed her eyes tight as they passed it on Tuesday, a feat that will probably make our skin sis proud, Chocolate was on special at the supermarket but at least its not so nice she cant resist it.
Tim Tams, Mums and Dads favorite bickies that theys have with there morning tea, (we have half a 4x2 each cause we cant have chocie as its toxic to dogs)

A teddie of mums
and Mines. remeber whens I was little, scroll down an down to flashback Tuesday 2. Same one buts with no ears, nose or eyes, its also gots a hole in its bum and has stuffin comming outs of it so I have a feeling it may disapere to were tired stuffies go, Mums says its been around so long it mays have to go into the compost heap to relive again as a carrot or somethin.
These are Mums dollies, Dads bought her one for a Christmas and the other for a birthday a longs time ago befores I was born, Is not allowed to touch thems.

Maybe you better nots see this one
ans the plate.

If you want to play along drop into Blue's place and let her know.


  1. VERY cuties...
    Loved the post!

  2. Your mum's chocolate teddy is just adorable, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. The chokholate ted's expression is priceless!


  4. Hi guys!
    Your mom´s chocolate teddy is so cute!



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