Monday, 3 August 2009

Getting the paper

We onlys get the paper on Sundays now cause they kept getting pinched. Anyways usually Dads gos and gets it but yesterday Mums went so had the flashy thing withs her. As you can see we still gettings lots of rain.
Mums is lagging, I'ms having to wait, Come on MUms.
Having to wait again.
I'm past the half way point so nows have to wait till mums gets right to me so she cans puts my lead ons as I's not alowed to goes any fuver in case thers a somthin I wants to chase. Just reliving myself as I wait. Hurry ups Mums before its starts raining again.
Were at the end of the lane way, I was told sit and wait so she could make sure there was no traffic cumming up the hill ands that the doggie who lives over the the other side wasnt out ins the garden as he runs on the road when hes seens people. Once she knew its was all safe I was allowed to gets the paper.
Heading back home, I nots running ahead nows as I have a jobs to do. paper is ins a plastic bag becuse of the rain, I likes it better when its just the paper buts dads does sometimes complain if its gots tooth marks in its.
Hurry ups Mums.
Waiting for Mums to close the gate.
Downs the step were once MY Tree stood.
And waiting for Mums to opens the door for me so I cans give the paper to dadfs and gets my crunchy treat for doings a good job and nots dropping it intos a puddle.


  1. That's quite a trek to retrieve the paper! My assistant had a dog when she was younger who would get the paper every morning. It was his job and he did it diligently, rain or shine... just like you!

  2. WOW!

    I so hope woo are tipped well fur that!


  3. Great job getting the paper to Dad! You are very smart!



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